Are You A Salesperson? If Not, You Should Decide To Become One. Your Dry Cleaner Is Depending On It!

Like it or not, you’re in the business of selling. All businesses sell something. If you don’t like selling, or think it’s a necessary evil, you’re not going to reach your dry cleaner’s full potential.

If you’re on the fence, you’ve got to look at selling differently. This is how I look at it: First of all, I wouldn’t sell anything that I wouldn’t sell to my mother. My mother is the litmus test. I would never sell “crap.” I would never sell something that I wouldn’t use myself.

I’ve sold lots of products and services in my business (33 businesses and counting, and the last one being a dry cleaner) career. As I look back, the products I was not to fond of, I didn’t sell much of. You must have a belief that your product or service is really going to help the person you’re selling it to or you won’t sell much of it.

Selling is the foundation of your dry cleaning business. You could be the greatest dry cleaner in the world, but without selling it, you wouldn’t have much of a business. You might not realize it, but you’re selling in the way you set up your plant’s counter area. Is it inviting? Does it welcome people? Are you using the wall space for sharing information on all that your business does? Are you using that space to introduce yourself and your team? Is your counter area clean? Are your CSR’s (I like to call them Customer Sales Reps instead of Customer Service Reps) friendly and do they smile? How do they answer the phone? Is that scripted? Can they make decisions on refunds? Can they decide what to do when you lose a garment and you damage one? Do your CSR’s sell your other services? Do they convert counter customers to your route?

This is all part of the sales process and it’s just the beginning.

Does your delivery van invite prospects to call you? This is what the back of my van looks like. My USP (Unique Selling Proposition) says, “FREE Pick-Up and Next Day Delivery,” and then says, “Call 234-4400 to find out more.”

My van is standing at a light or a stop sign and the car behind is reading this. If they’re interested, they get on their mobile phone and call. And when they call, they get a scripted recorded message from me on how my delivery service works. And I give them an incentive to get signed up because I offer them $10 in free dry cleaning just to try out my delivery service with no strings attached.

I don’t have the phone number go to a live person on purpose because the scripted message from me is delivered the same way each and every time. They get a feel of who I am (the owner) and what my dry cleaner is all about.

So when I talk about you becoming a salesperson, I’m not talking about the stereotypical car salesman that none of us want to be like. I’m talking about becoming aware of all the parts of your business that you should be creating sales messages in.

You should come up with an offer that permeates everything you do. My “offer” is:

$10 In FREE Dry Cleaning Just To Try Us Out. No Strings Attached. No Rabbit Coming Out Of The Hat. No Hidden Agenda. Just A No Risk Way To See If You’ll Like Us.

I change it up to keep it exciting, but the message is always “free dry cleaning to try me out.”  I’m taking all the risk away and making it very easy for my prospect to say YES!

Your website should be selling everything you have to offer. Every page should have your phone number and also your offer of free dry cleaning.

If you really believe in what you’re doing, selling should come as a natural by product. You’ve got to believe deep down in your heart that your dry cleaner should be the cleaner of choice for all the people in your market.

When you walk into businesses, notice what they do to get you to buy more. Also notice those that are not inviting—maybe you’re doing some of those things. Start to make a conscious effort to notice those parts of your dry cleaning business that need selling to be incorporated.

Take one of these ideas this week and put it into use. Your dry cleaner deserves it!

About Greg Colosi

Greg Colosi helps dry cleaners get route customers WITHOUT knocking on doors (even though door knocking is a great way to get customers). All of Greg’s marketing ideas are tested by him or several of his 400+ members, so you won’t get theory, you’ll only get ideas that produce new customers and revenue. To find out more quirky ideas on how to raise your revenue, go to my blog: or call (888) 661-7992.