How To Get Route Customers With Dry Cleaning Lockers?

This dry cleaning locker trend is starting to sweep the country and you’re gonna want to be a part of it!

Are you up on the trends in the delivery business? I’m sure you’ve heard of putting dry cleaning lockers in condos and apartment buildings for your delivery business? If you haven’t, you’ve been living under a rock.

If you have lots of condo and apartment buildings in your city, you should get in on this bandwagon.

How does this work?

Your job is to get your digital dry cleaning lockers into these condos and apartment buildings. And then you’ve got to get the tenants to start using you.

So there are two things you’ve got to market: the buildings and the tenants.

How do you do that?

Getting your lockers into the buildings is not real hard if you don’t have any competition. You’re providing a solution for dry cleaning pick up and delivery with lockers that you’re going to give them for FREE. Who doesn’t want free lockers for their tenants?

So if you’re the first dry cleaner to approach this building, it’s not going to be a tough sale. If you’re in competition with another dry cleaner, the one with the best sales skills is going to win. And as long as you back up your sales pitch with quality dry cleaning and customer service, you’ll be in that building for a long time.

You made a deal and installed some dry cleaning lockers in a condo building, now what? How do you get the tenants to start using your dry cleaning locker delivery service?

There are several ways. You should get approval on these marketing methods prior to agreeing on putting your FREE dry cleaning lockers in their building. If you don’t, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle getting customers from this building.

The first marketing you should do is to attach a flyer (which is really a sales letter) on everyone’s door. In this flyer, you should explain who you are and what you’re doing now for dry cleaning in their building. Your flyer should have a strong headline and an offer of some FREE dry cleaning to get them started. Make it a no risk offer so they’ll give you a try. Don’t forget to put your picture on the flyer and a picture of the lockers in their building. Mention the manager’s name and his excitement of having you as the building’s official dry cleaner.

The second marketing idea you should put in place is a “Meet & Greet.” This is where you set up in one of their common rooms some wine and cheese and have all your materials for them to sign up. You can make them aware of this party with some flyers, posters and emails. I would get a commitment of at least three of these “Meet & Greet” per year before you install the lockers.

And the last marketing idea is direct mail. Get a list of all the tenants from the manager and start mailing them. Make sure and talk about your relationship with the manager of the building. Include a picture of yourself, the room with the lockers, and the building you’re servicing. We have found that without a picture of you, the owner, your response will almost be zero. People want to know whom they’re doing business with.

Direct mail advertising, which includes sales letters and the flyers I talked about, is the only way to get customers for your dry cleaning locker business. If you use image advertising, you’ll get almost no responses. Go to my blog, and you’ll find out how to put together direct mail advertising. There is not enough room in this article to explain it all.

The key to using lockers for your dry cleaning business is the software that runs everything. There are three players in the industry so far: Laundry Locker, bizzie box and Dry Cleaning Locker Systems, which is my company. Check them out if you’re interested in this method of getting route customers.

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About Greg Colosi

Greg Colosi helps dry cleaners get route customers WITHOUT knocking on doors (even though door knocking is a great way to get customers). All of Greg’s marketing ideas are tested by him or several of his 400+ members, so you won’t get theory, you’ll only get ideas that produce new customers and revenue. To find out more quirky ideas on how to raise your revenue, go to my blog: or call (888) 661-7992.