Profiting From Falling Temperatures

With the fall season upon us, it’s time to remind your customers they may have clothing that they’ve been storing during the summer, which needs to be cleaned and protected during the upcoming winter months. Thanksgiving is almost upon us, so it’s a good idea to reward your good customers by offering them thank you note gift certificates, which thank them for their patronage during the past year with an incentive to continue to do business with you. A dollar amount gift certificate is always a welcomed gift for preferred customers. It’s also a good time to re-introduce fading customers to your services. Simple “we miss you” cards or e-mails can go a long way in winning back lost or fading customers.

Thanksgiving is the perfect time, before the gift giving season goes into full gear to give thanks and blessings of success, health and happiness in the New Year. Consider rewarding customers sooner rather than when everyone else is promoting their loyalty programs during the busy Holiday season. Hold in-store drawings for random gift certificates days or weeks before the Holiday. This encourages customers to clean more often and reminds them of items they’ve been storing that need to be preserved. During the winter season you can also tie in warm clothing that needs cleaning prior to cold weather and offer specials for cleaning and storing summer and fall clothing. Write a list of suggested items to help stimulate action.

Many dry cleaners use services like Constant Contact® to create and e-mail Holiday themed announcements and specials to fading and preferred customers. If you have a point-of-sale system, tap into your database merge feature and use your statistics to determine who is a preferred customer by dollar volume and who has not been in your store for the past few months. Divide up your lists and send separate messages to each group, winning back fading customers and rewarding preferred customers.

An alternative is to pin gift certificates to all the bags of clothing you give to customers in the coming weeks. Use this opportunity to up-sell, cross-sell and reward those customers who are presently doing business with you. When you can, encourage less frequent customers to clean more of their clothes with you and make sure they know about your specialty services that make it easier to shop with you.

The key to success is the power of repetition. Repeat your offer in every marketing message. E-mail more often. Repeat your marketing slogan and use your logo in every communication. Don’t forget your employees. Employees who know what you stand for and what you’re promoting can help you retain customers and increase profits. E-mail marketing makes repetition easy because it’s inexpensive and effective.