Regards, Everett

This will be a very unusual column form what I normally have written for the industry in the past 21 or so years including the Cleaner and Launderer magazine. I have always avoided the word “I” in what I have written as I personally think it sounds like bragging, boasting or flourishing and is used to attempt to enhance the writers ego. With that said, this is going to have a lot of “I” words in it.

After spending a virtual lifetime in the dirty clothes business I am hanging it up for good. I officially retired in 2002 but there always seemed to be one more speech, one more consulting request one more column to write or one more convention to attend, but this is all over now. I have really, really retired as of July 1 due to health reasons.

It has been a good life knowing that I have helped people throughout the years in order to make their jobs easier and more profitable, or share the knowledge of the industry that has taken a virtual lifetime to gather and learn. I really do remember, as an infant, when my playpen was a canvas sided laundry hamper. My mom and dad ran a press shop in Enid, Oklahoma almost four score years ago.

During the last 45 years I have owned a couple of drycleaners, worked for Sanitone as a field representative, was an instructor at Oklahoma State University, and was head of their drycleaning education department. I wrote and published the Master Drycleaners Notebook (available in both English and Spanish) which is still in print along with a Tips and Tricks booklet and one on Counter and Customer Relations. Next came an invitation to write a monthly drycleaning column for one of the industries magazines, about that time I started my educational business, which branched off into a large consulting business.

So, the schedules are over, the frequent flyer card is no longer used, and I sleep in my own bed at night. Recently I was awakened to the fact that “I truly don’t mind getting older, but have come to discover that aging sucks,” as said by the editor of the Cleaner & Launderer magazine, Randy Wente.

I may to try to attend a regional convention and see old friends, fellow consultants and former students in my classes, but I will be walking slow and sitting often so be sure to look low. Until then keep on learning about the industry and for Pete’s sake get into the technical side of cleaning and don’t believe every secret formula you hear about, research all equipment you are interested in buying and take everything you hear with a grain of salt. If interested in any of the books mentioned above you can reach me at or by telephone at (918) 453-0495.

Until we meet again, live a good life and enjoy it as much as I have.


Everett Childers