Royaltone Has A New Home

For the past couple of decades Royaltone, manufacturer of detergents and spotters for the Dry Clean, Laundry and Leather Cleaning Industry has been located in a small building in an industrial area of Tulsa. After much preparation, study and number crunching is was decided that relocating to Shawnee, Oklahoma 85 miles southwest of Tulsa would be a smart business move for the company and family behind Royaltone.

When asked why move and why now? Royaltone owner Carl Randall stated, “The Lucentas, who formerly owned Royaltone built a great business in the smaller facility. They also lived just a few miles from the plant. We have seen some great growth in our dry clean and laundry product sales as more distributors are coming on board and increasing their purchases, and as business owners respond to our video, social media, direct mail and print marketing. We’ve seen an even bigger spike in sales on the leather side as more and more Cleaners are seeing the huge profit potential in cleaning UGGS and leather of all kinds. So moving into a manufacturing plant that is twice the size of our old address gives us more opportunity for expansion and better service. Plus, the new plant is 70 miles closer to our home! We see this step as a real win/win for our customers and our family.”

The new facility has more convenient shipping access due to highway frontage and twice the warehouse and manufacturing square footage to better serve customers and produce product. One last comment added by Randall, “Customers can be assured Royaltone will still produce the same quality product and offer the same excellent customer service…just From a new, more comfortable address.”
The current and correct contact information for Royaltone is:

Toll Free Phone: (800) 331-5506
Local Phone: (405) 878-0577
FAX: (405) 878-0526
Address: 7211 N. Harrison Ave.
Shawnee, OK 74804