Kreussler To Place A SYSTEMK4 Dry Cleaning Machine At DLI for Training

Kreussler announced June 5th  at the Clean Show they have donated a Realstar KM403 K4 dry cleaning machine to the Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute (DLI) for use in the Institute’s training and testing facilities. DLI is one of the industry’s leading education facilities, and the machine will allow them to expand their current curriculum to include SYSTEMK4 training.

Launched in 2011, SYSTEMK4 is a non-toxic, biodegradable, halogen-free dry cleaning process that has quickly become the fastest growing solvent in the industry, and is currently in use in over 1,000 dry cleaning plants in 20 countries across six continents. Kreussler’s placement of the Realstar machine to DLI will enable the institute to expand their current curriculum to include training on this market-dominating process.

“We are very excited to offer our students the chance to work with this new technology,” says Mary Scalco, Executive Director of DLI. “DLI appreciates the opportunity to work with the Kreussler’s SYSTEMK4.”

Founded in 1883, DLI is an international trade association for garment professionals that represents over 10,000 retail dry cleaners in the United States alone. As the world’s largest professional garment care organization, DLI offers education, professional training, information, garment analysis and solutions to help member businesses maintain a competitive edge.

“Kreussler was very proud to receive the Trailblazers Award from DLI for SYSTEMK4 in 2013,” says Richard Fitzpatrick, Vice President of Kreussler. “With SYSTEMK4’s rapid adoption across the industry over the past six years, and today’s introduction of a new, bio-based version of the solvent, we felt the timing was perfect to make this investment to help DLI train the next generation of dry cleaners.”