Cleaner & Launderer

Volume 1 – Issue 1 – October 1960

California Cleaner & Launderer was founded by Wally Urquhart. We soon became a well-respected source of industry news and information for readers. As readership expanded, so did the boundaries. One state became thirteen, which warranted the first change in the publications title to Western Cleaner & Launderer. Ownership changed in the early 80s, and again in 1991 when the current partners, Albane and Randy Wente, purchased Wakefield Publishing Company and the title Western Cleaner & Launderer.  In 2007 Western Cleaner & Launderer became Cleaner & Launderer.

Over the years readership and boundaries continued to expand. Today, Cleaner & Launderer is mailed nationwide to all 50 states.  Over the next several year we grew our large reader base even more through print, online, mobile and social media! Becoming a leader in information for the dry cleaning and laundry industry.

As the industry has changed and grown over the years, so As we start our 58th year so has Cleaner & Launderer. Cleaner & Launderer today is now  a print, online edition. You can also add Cleaner & Launderer in your RSS feeder of your choice.

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