So Cal Cleaners Meeting Held At United Fabricare Supply

SCCA met on Sunday, September 24th and was hosted by United Fabricare Supply in Compton, California. There were numerous vendors present including A. L. Wilson Chemical Co., Streets/Adco, Shepard Bros., BCI/Eco Tex, GreenEarth, Faultless, Seitz, Kreussler and Norchem.

Chris Patton of A. L. WILSON discussed the three aspects of Rite Go and which is environmental as well as worker friendly.

John Cirillo of STREETS described the benefits of Ktex Cleaning Solvent which increases productivity at a lower cost which can be used in most major machines.

Ron Shepard of SHEPARD BROS. specializes in commercial laundry and went over the benefits of using their products with a detailed list of various detergents and their specialty.

Greg Comu of BCI/ECO TEX specialize in hospitality and health care industrial laundry. Their motto is “Cleaning through Chemistry.” Established in 2006, they offer custom tailored product solution various departments depend on to efficiently clean and maintain a healthy, sanitary environment.

Andy Lien of GREENEARTH is the Tech Operations Manager stated they will entirely set up a plant for GreenEarth Cleaning using Optimize GreenEarth Cleaning System consisting of “Sustain,” “Prime,” “Activated Clay.”

Henri Barbe of FAULTLESS STARCH described the “Nano Technology” (80% Polyester, 20% Spandex). Barbe went on to list all of the various starches that are available and their different attributes. Company was founded in 1887.

Roland Dobbins of SEITZ, which was founded in 1885, reported on various cleaning solutions such as Intense, which is one of the newer hydrocarbon solvents, Sensene, cleaning solution based on modified alcohols as well as various Stain Removal Agents.

John Choi of KREUSSLER spoke about the environmentally friendly Lanadol Wetcleaning System which is 100% solvent free. Their SystemK4 is another product that is environmentally friendly. It is non-hazardous, has favorable environmental classification per GHS, is biodegradable and is dermatologically tested.

Danny Garcia of NORCHEM, founded in 1978, specializes in developing green laundry chemical programs, water purification and recycling technologies and industrial software.

After the lunch break the attendees were offered a tour of the United Fabricare Supply warehouse led by Mike Fahar for the English speaking attendees and a separate tour for the Korean attendees.

At the end of the meeting there was a question/answer session where many questions and concerns were answered.

The next SCCA meeting is scheduled November 12th in Los Angeles, California and sponsored by Spot User Group. There will be a hands on training class lead by Nicole Kirby, Spot Expert to help you set up your computer as part of the itinerary so bring your computer with you.