New York Looking At Changes To Drycleaning Regulations

The New York Department of Conservation is looking to expand the scope of its drycleaning regulation, Pt. 232, to include alternative solvents

While there are some changes to the ways the department handles perc and the cleaners that still use the solvents, the changes are minor and serve to clean-up some out dated language. When they first announced the potential changes, there was great pressure being put on DEC to push for a perc ban or phaseout, but the DEC has taken the practical approach and is not advocating for a ban. Instead, they continue to follow the path laid out in the original pt. 232 and continue to work with the industry to ensure the safe use of perc in the right situations.

The biggest changes facing the industry in the proposed regulations are on the alternative solvents. Pt. 232 will call for a more formalized procedure for approved alternatives. It will call for posting notices alerting customers to the solvent being used on the premises. It will also call for some of the operational requirements that perc cleaners are already following.

These requirements will include leak checks and monitoring, mandatory equipment maintenance, as well as record keeping. The proposed regulations also call for a phaseout of all transfer type equipment for alternative solvents over an extended period of time. A complete copy of the proposed regulation can be found below.

NEFA will be representing NEFA/DLI members at public hearing scheduled for Albany, NY on June 27 and in Depew, NY on June 28th. NEFA will be providing comments on some of the ambiguous language surrounding the current “Approved Solvent List” and its inclusion in the regulation. We will also be advocating for the ability to install used approved, compliant alternative solvent machines.

• Fact Sheet for Proposed Changes to New York DEC’s Pt. 232 Drycleaning Regulation

• Proposed Changes to Pt. 232

• New York is holding hearings on Proposed Changes (6/27 – 6/30/17)

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