Robert “Bob” Barnes Retires After 48 Years At Parker Boiler

Parker Boiler’s Purchasing Manager Retires

Bob started at Parker Boiler in 1968 after he served our country in Vietnam. He has worked in crating, the assembly department and as a stockroom clerk. He retired as Purchasing Manager and Parts Boiler Guru. Bob is the go-to-guy for all Parker Boiler parts. He negotiated deals with vendors we could not duplicate today, saving the company money every year.

His step sons Mike Leeming (National Sales Manager, Parker Boiler), Steve Leeming (who also worked at Parker Boiler) and Bob’s son Bobbie still wonder why he retired.

His nickname was the “professor” as he knew more about the products we make today and ancient Parker Boilers than anyone on planet earth. It’s hard to find a person today willing to mop-up after someone forgot to put the pot under the automatic coffee maker, fix a chair, change a light bulb, or stock our vending machines with soda and water.

Thank you Bob for your 48 years of dedicated service and outstanding stellar performance. He will be missed greatly by co-workers and customers. He is not 100% done, as nobody has finished our physical inventory as fast as he has in previous years and we hope he gives us a hand in years to come.