Starchup Teams Up With Maineline And Fabricare Systems

Starchup, a leading digital solution for the garment care industry, has integrated with the Compassmax POS and Fabricare Manager POS to add web and mobile app ordering, marketing and routing technology to their in-store point of sales systems.

Starchup provides cleaners, laundromats and delivery services with branded websites and mobile apps for their customers to schedule pickup and delivery for their laundry and dry cleaning. Cleaners can then use Starchup’s optimized routing solution or simply add orders to their existing routes. Drivers can use the Starchup driver app and turn-by-turn directions as a digital manifest to manage the route while automated e-mail and text messaging engages customers.

“Cleaners that use Compassmax or Fabricare Manager can now get all of the benefits of the Starchup platform without disrupting in-store operations,” said Starchup CEO Nick Chapleau. “Customers can use the cleaner’s app to place orders. Drivers can use the driver app to run routes. Store employees can continue to use the same POS to detail and process orders.”

This integration is built with cleaners in mind. Maineline and Fabricare Systems are experts in payments and store and plant operations. Starchup’s expertise is using web and mobile technology to make delivery more profitable.

“Starchup’s marketing and routing solutions have been an excellent addition to our products and services,” said Maineline President Joe McCammon. “Starchup has been a great partner to work with and we look forward to bringing even more innovation to our customers in the future,” added Fabricare Systems President Marcelo Rangel.

This initiative shows how cleaners win when vendors collaborate. Chapleau added, “It only makes sense to work together to provide cleaners a better product.” By teaming up with Starchup, Maineline and Fabricare Systems are doing just that.

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