What Promotion Do You Have Set Up For This Month & Every Month? By Greg Colosi

Do you know what your promotions from every month are going to be?

You should. And I’m gonna help you do that.
Listed below are a bunch of items that you could offer as specials or promotions throughout the year. Take a look at all of them and write out all the months. And then write in what you’d like to offer in that month.

Better yet, at the end of this are all the months, get a pencil and start filling it out!

Comforters – You can offer these as specials most any time. Some members like the warmer months to offer these.
Draperies – Summer when it’s slow is a great time to offer drapery and curtain specials.

Wedding Gowns – There is lots of controversy on when (or even) to offer these as specials. Some members like September, some like June and some offer specials anytime.

Pillows – My cleaner has a pillow-stuffing machine. If you do, you can offer this in the summer months when you are slow.

Christening Gowns – I don’t think there is a good season to offer this for a special. Just offer it whenever.

Leather/ Suede Jackets – You should definitely offer this promotion right after the winter months and in the dead of the summer again. And probably in the fall again too.

Designer Hand Bags – I don’t think there is a season for this. I’d pick this promotion to spice up things anytime.

Bed Linens – If you clean these types of items, you could offer this in your slow season. For example, you could offer these during Thanksgiving week and Christmas week ONLY.

Shoe Shine/Repair – I don’t think this has a season. You could offer this anytime when you’re slow or tie it to a season like spring. “Get your shoes repaired and shined for sunny spring!”

Slip Covers & Car Seats – This looks like a slow season item. This would be great for the summer.

Alterations/Repairs – I personally don’t like to discount alterations, but I don’t have a tailor that I have to keep busy. You should offer this if your tailor is slow ONLY.

Blinds – If you offer blind cleaning, I think this is a “spring cleaning” promotion.

Ugg Boots – This is definitely a summer promotion. Take a picture before and after and use it in your promotions.

Winter Coats – This is definitely a spring, summer and fall and during the winter promotion. I’d offer it in all four seasons. And if they get their coat cleaned in the middle of the winter, they’ll do it again to store it for next winter

Gift Card/Certificates – This is a great idea to offer a few times during the year for birthdays (for someone who has everything), a house-warming gift and during Christmas. I might even give a discount for the Christmas season.

Households (blankets, duvets and sheets) – This would be great during your slow season and during holiday weeks when it is slow.

Table Linens (tablecloths, napkins) – There is some disagreement with when to offer this among my members. Some say that you shouldn’t offer a promotion during the holidays because they’re going to get it cleaned anyway. I’ll leave this promo and when (and if) to offer it.

Baseball Caps – You could offer this promo anytime to spice things up. Maybe when baseball starts and ends to tie it into that.

Area Rugs – Spring and fall would be a good promo time for this.

Sweaters / $1 Off – This is a great idea. Doesn’t take too much to clean sweaters, so give your customers a break a couple of times a year with this special.

Golf Shirts – You could tie this to the U.S. Open or one of the other 3 majors or with a tournament in your town. At the end of the golf season would be another great time to offer this.

Suits – Nobody is wearing suits in the heat of the summers. Get them in your plant and keep your people business.

School Uniforms – Right after school ends and just before it starts.

Military Uniforms – Don’t have any idea when to offer this one. Just use your imagination.

Neck Ties – This is great anytime promo.

Anything Christmas – Offer this with anything that your customers have with Christmas anything on it. It could be a sweater, socks, pants and coats that are green, under the tree skirts or red skirts. Fun it up and use your imagination.

Anything Navy – I’m just thinking out loud. You could come up with any clothing that is navy blue; I’ll give you 20% off. You could do it with all the colors of the rainbow.

Get creative and use that brain of yours to make this fun. Use your personality. Don’t be stiff. Loosen up and let it go and have some fun with all of this.

If you’d like a list of all the holidays that you could run goofy, quirky and some normal promotions, go here: NoDoorKnocking.com/promotions/

To find out more quirky ideas on how to raise your revenue, go to my blog: DryCleaningMarketing.com