Green Mean$ Green! Can You Afford To Not Go Green? By Steve Henshaw in Collaboration with John Soderberg, PE Esq 1

Nowadays everyone in business wants to be considered environmentally “friendly” or “green.” The retail dry cleaning industry is no exception.  In fact, given the ecological concern over perc, actual or perceived, the retail dry cleaning trade has been at the forefront of the green movement.  However, there is another aspect of an environmentally friendly operation […]

Never is Too late! (insurance companies runoff leave policyholders vulnerable By: Steve Henshaw

Many small business owners or drycleaners and manufacturing companies know that old general liability policies can provide a defense, even an indemnity, against environmental claims. The net effect of such a defense can translate into payment and funding of necessary site investigation, legal, and remediation costs. To put it into business terms, a dry cleaner […]

Using Conceptual Site Models To Direct Investigations And Cleanups By: Steve Henshaw

In the early 1980’s, when the field of environmental consulting was just starting, the United States Congress was busy developing guidance documents to direct how site investigations and cleanup would be conducted. The science was new and there wasn’t a lot of data to draw from with respect to how chemicals “behaved” in the subsurface. […]