Transforming Customer Service: A Roadmap to Excellence

The essence of customer service frequently becomes overshadowed by the relentless pursuit of profit and operational efficiency. Yet, amidst this, the profound impact of treating customers with genuine respect, empathy and appreciation remains a fundamental truth. This concept, while seemingly straightforward, is a powerful catalyst for elevating a company’s customer service from merely transactional to […]

A Breakfast Fiasco

As a business owner, you want your team to be fully engaged, especially regarding the customer experience. However, you will sometimes disappoint customers. You must know the areas where you drop the ball and create systems to make them right when they happen.  Some companies need help to do that. In a recent encounter with […]

Reviews and Trust

Do you find online reviews of a business as amazing and frustrating as I do? It’s amazing that you can work your butt off for decades busting your hump bending over backwards serving customers every whim, and then one customer will go online and write a terrible review about you that just guts you. It’s […]