DLI Members Find Strength in Unity

2021 Starts with Eight Live Webinars and Eight Peer-to-Peer Meetings

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger,” is a time-tested adage fit for the current moment. The coronavirus pandemic’s impact on the drycleaning industry has been devastating. However, there is a bright side to everything. Members of the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute are pulling together to share ideas and help each other survive in new ways. In response to the crisis, DLI has strengthened its focus on education and fellowship, presenting two virtual training sessions each week and hosting separate opportunities for members to share ideas an equal number of times.

“Our school may be closed for now but DLI is committed to sharing information drycleaning professionals need to survive this crisis,” said Brian Johnson, DLI’s Director of Education. “So far we’ve produced more than 50 webinars and we’re not slowing down anytime soon. Drycleaners need this information. We’re here to help them survive this and come out stronger on the other side.”

Twice-Weekly Zoom Meetings

DLI offers members two opportunities each week to discuss any and all industry-related topics. Zoom meetings are held Tuesdays at 10 a.m. and Wednesdays at 3 p.m.

January 2021 Webinar Schedule

In addition to twice-weekly Zoom meetings, DLI offers two webinars each week to help drycleaning business owners adapt and train employees.

DLI presents the following schedule of webinars and virtual training opportunities:

• Tuesday, Jan. 5 – Using LinkedIn to Generate Business with Lou D’Autorio

• Wednesday, Jan. 6 – 29 Tech Tools to Create Social Media Content with Beth Z

• Tuesday, Jan. 12 – Wetcleaning with Laundrylux’s Dan Goldman

• Wednesday, Jan. 13 – Little Known COVID Tax Benefits with PuzzleHR

• Tuesday, Jan. 19 – Tailoring with Dale Kaplan of Kaplan’s Careful Cleaners

• Wednesday, Jan. 20 – Create Your Marketing Plan for 2021 with Dave Coyle

• Tuesday, Jan. 26 – Using Bleaches with the A.L. Wilson Chemical Company

• Wednesday, Jan. 27 – Top 10 Things to Do Now to Prosper with Diana Vollmer

“COVID has hit the drycleaning and laundry industry hard,” said LeAnn Glasser of Plantengas Cleaners in Spring Lake, Michigan. “DLI continues to work hard to help us succeed. Whether it’s information on how to process garments and bedding during Covid, navigate the financial tools that have been provided by the government to help keep us afloat or create new marketing strategies to obtain additional sales, they are there for us.”

On Demand Video Library

Each week DLI adds recordings of the presentations to make them available to members who may have missed the live program. Members simply login to DLIonline.org and click the program to watch. DLI’s archive currently contains these videos:


• Routes are More Important Than Ever with James Peuster

• 4M Rule for Route Drivers with James Peuster

• Wash-Dry-Fold, Pt. 1 Webinar

• Wash-Dry-Fold, Pt. 2 Webinar

• Wash-Dry-Fold Panel Presentation

• How to Clean Wedding Gowns with Michael Schapiro

• Best Practices for Setting Up & Operating Locker Systems


• Drycleaning Machine Maintenance with Bill Hay

• Proper Maintenance: The Key to Productivity and Efficiency with Jerry Moore

• Boiler Maintenance: Picking the Low Hanging Fruit with Bruce Grossman and Mike Leeming


• Hiring Do’s and Do Not’s with PuzzleHR

• How to Streamline Processes and Save your Business Money by Leveraging Technology with PuzzleHR

• The OSHA Man Cometh with Mike Tatch, OSHA Consultant

• Three Ways to Enhance Your Business

• WSDLA’s Fireside Chat: A Discussion About How to Survive Tough Times

• Lease Negotiation with Riaz Chauthauni

• COVID-19 Crisis, Preparing for Restart with Puzzle HR

• Business Changes I Made in Response to COVID-19

• The Money Tree: How Networking Can Help Your Business

• Human Resources During COVID-19 with Sandy Seay

• Investing in Your Community


• Tapping the Holy Grail of Bedding with Dave Coyle  Plus Slides and Handouts

• Branding and Marketing Your Business During the Pandemic

• Facebook Marketing Basics

• DLI Member Facebook Usage Report and Observations

• Real-Life Horror Story: How Not to Engage Customers Online

• Effective Email Marketing

• Getting Noticed by the Media: Writing an Effective Press Release


• Caring for Sweaters

• Handling Velvets

• Folding with Lou D’Autorio


• Pants and Coat Finishing Techniques Webinar

• Pressing Techniques for Golf Shirts, Shorts and Neckties

Stain Removal

• Stain Removal Basics

• Removing Tannin Stains (Coffee, Wine, Cocktails) Stains

• Spanish Version: Stain Removal Basics & Tannin Stains

• Removing Mustard and Curry Stains

• Removing Protein Stains

• Spanish Version: Removing Mustard & Protein Stains

• Removing Combination Stains (Ink & Lipstick)

• Spanish Version: Removing Combination Stains (Ink & Lipstick)

• Removing Nail Polish Stains

• Spanish Version: Removing Nail Polish Stains

• Preventing Color Loss

• How to Protect Fragile Fabrics

• Removing Unknown Stains

• Removing Candle Wax

• Using Mineral Oil in Stain Removal

• Testing for Colorfastness

Business Sales and Acquisitions

• How to Maximize Value and Minimize Risk in Real Estate Transactions with EnviroForensics

• DLI LIVE: Business Acquisition with Riaz Chauthuani

Strength in Numbers

All professional drycleaning and laundry business owners are invited to join DLI and participate in these programs, access the video library, and enjoy the many benefits of DLI Membership. Call (800) 638-2627 or visit DLIonline.org/Membership for more information.

DLI exists to help member drycleaners succeed. Learn more at www.DLIonline.org

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