Does The Power Of Positive Thinking Work? By Jackie Smith

Remez Sasson, author of “Positive Thinking Your Key to Success,” states positive thinking brings inner peace, success, improved relationships, better health, happiness and satisfaction. It also helps the daily affairs of life move more smoothly and makes life look bright and promising.”

Really? You are probably asking. I have to admit, I had mixed emotions about that statement. After reading books and articles on the power of positive thinking, I find that it makes sense. I am certainly not saying it is easy. To change your thought and behavioral patterns takes a lot of consistent work and determination. But, the rewards are plentiful.

Sasson continues, “Positive thinking is contagious. People around you pick-up your mental moods and are affected accordingly. Think about happiness, good health and success and you will cause people to like you and desire to help you, because they enjoy the vibrations that a positive mind emits.”

Why don’t we give it a try together? Lately there seems to be a lack of bright spots in our businesses. It is time to start focusing on the positive rather than dwelling on the negative.

The average person processes over 60,000 separate thoughts per day. Ninety percent of these occur subconsciously. They automatically come into action. These automatic thoughts determine your thought patterns, attitudes and behaviors. It is necessary for you to examine these and change those that trigger negative results. This is not easy. It will take hard work and persistence.

Here are a few important steps to help you develop the power of positive thinking:

Always use only positive words while thinking and talking. Use words such as “I can,” “I am able,” “it is possible,” “it can be done.”

Try to disregard and ignore negative thoughts. Refuse to think such thoughts and change them to happy constructive thoughts. I know this is not easy but you need to above all work on this.

In your conversation, use words that evoke feelings and mental images of strength, happiness and success.

Before starting with any plan or action, visualize clearly in your mind a successful outcome. If you visualize with concentration, you will be amazed at the results! Successful people take control and create their own destiny.

Read at least one page of an inspiring book every day. You know what you find inspiring. Buy that book and one page a day can be managed no matter how busy you are. This can help you create new goals and achieve them.

Associate yourself with people who think positively. Do you remember “Debbie Downer” on Saturday Night Live? Well, we don’t need Debbie Downers in our life. Get rid of them or turn them on to positive thinking and help them change with you. Create relationships that are mutually beneficial. By doing this, we can open doors to unexpected, great opportunities.

Always sit and walk with your back straight. This will strengthen your confidence and inner strength. Your mother always told you to stand up straight, and she was right. A healthy level of self-confidence and self-esteem is essential for any kind of success we seek to achieve. Only when you are comfortable with who you are, and confident in what you do, will others believe in you and your abilities.

Engage in physical activity. Physical activity is not only good for the body but is also good for the brain. Studies have shown there is a connection between positive thinking and health. Lance Armstrong is one who credits positive thinking with his survival from cancer.

Repetition is the key to success with positive thinking. Start with the principles outlined above. Practice them every day and you will find your outlook on life improving. You can then move on to information that is more detailed. There is a wealth of information on positive thinking that can be found in the bookstore or the library.

I like the quote I read recently. “The difference between can and cannot is only three letters. Three letters that determine your life direction.” So true.

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