Texcare Educational Programs

Saturday Morning – October 19th

9 AM – How to Use it to Grow Your Business with Voice Search

The world is changing and you have to change with it to stay relevant.  Gone are the days of the Yellow Pages and the Pennysaver; here are the days of the apps and voice search.  Disruptors are counting on dry cleaners to be unaware of the change happening around them.  Prove them wrong.  Find out what changes are happening in the world – from voice search to Alexa and Siri, and how you can use them to attract and keep customers.

10 AM – Computer Systems – Panel Presentation What’s Old? 

    What’s New? And What’s Ahead? 

Find out what the industry’s leading software providers can do for you to help you grow and control your business.  Today, having the right software is as or more critical to your survival as the solvent, cleaning machine or finishing equipment you use.  From facial recognition to Key Performance Indicators, to text messaging and garment tracking, find out how the software providers compare.

Sunday Morning – October 20th

9 AM – Is Now the Time to Get Out or Grow? – Buying and 

Selling in the Dry Cleaning Industry

Whether you are thinking about growing through acquisition, or you are thinking you’ve had enough and want to sell, attend this seminar for tips and techniques in identifying likely buyers and sellers, negotiating and establishing a reasonable value.

10 AM – What Can You Do to Make More Money 

– Diversification Opportunities 

Find out what others are doing to bring more money into their dry cleaning business.  What added services are available for just a small investment and what dramatic diversification opportunities exist that could change the entire trajectory of your business.  This panel presentation will give you lots of fresh new ideas and possible avenues of growth that will renew your passion and your outlook for the future.

NYS Mandated Sexual Harassment Training – October 2019 Deadline

State mandated training will be offered in both English and Spanish Sessions on Sunday at 10 AM and 4 PM.

Preregistration is recommended as space is limited.  Contact Ann Hargrove at (800) 888-1622 to preregister or for more information.

Show Hours:

Saturday October 19, 2019 – 11 AM to 5 PM

Sunday October 20, 2019 – 10 AM to 4 PM

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