One Cleaner, Clean Garment Bag At A Time

Mr. Dry Cleaner:You market and sell “Clean, Sterile, Germ free Freshness.”

With your cleaning processes, hard work and acquired skills, you renew the life and put “like new freshness” back into your customer’s cleaned garments. Finished packaging of your customer’s garments using Sparkling Ultra Clear Clean Luetzow Polyethylene Garment Bags showcase your professional work, markets your finished product properly and helps you to build your dry cleaning business.

The Garments and Bags sparkle as they hang, the garments are clean, identification is easy, the customer is happy and the garments are now clearly and cleanly protected. That is professional packaging protection from the store, to the home, into the closet until your customer wishes to wear his garments once again.

When you buy Luetzow Ultra Clear Clean Poly Garment Bags, you get higher quality at a lower price with fast reliable service. With Luetzow’s Crisp easy Snap-off perforations, along with E-Z opening bags, makes bagging garments faster and far more efficient. With a three roll bagging stand a customer’s special suit, dress or formal can easily get his Luetzow Garment Bag for long term home storage, without slowing down your bagging process. Protecting that prized dress or favorite suit from dust and dirt in the customer’s closet, until he wishes to wear them again. Luetzow Garment Bags clearly stand out as the superior method for this long-term inexpensive protection.

With using Luetzow Garment Bags, you professionally and properly package and protect your customer’s garments. The customer’s collar presses are perfect, all the wrinkles are ironed out, garments are clean, a missing button was replaced and all of your hard professional work can clearly be seen. This is all about caring about your customer’s needs, showcasing your hard work and promoting your skills for all to see.

With the cost of a Luetzow Garment Bag being so affordable at 4 to 5 cents per bag, going this extra mile of packaging your valued customer’s garment in a Clear Clean Professional manner sure looks to be the winning ticket to building your business. That’s right, with Luetzow you are guaranteed a new fresh Ultra Clear Clean, almost sterile and germ free Poly Garment Bag with every new bag that you take off the roll.

Luetzow Industries has been a basic manufacturer of Plastic Garment Bags using the best recyclable plastic, with state-of-the-art equipment, since 1956.

Our boxes are manufactured using recycled cardboard. Our cores and end plugs we manufacture out of old milk crates. Customer returned garment bags are recycled into new bags. That is Luetzow being eco-friendly at their best.

Did you know that Luetzow also manufactures Ultra Clear Clean Auto Bagging Machine Tubing, Sweater Bags, Mop Bags, Drape Bags, Pillow Bags, Blanket Bags, Laundry Cart Liners, Material Bolt Bags and Custom Printed Garment Bags?

With years of experience, and a lot of hard work, Luetzow is very proud to say that every Luetzow Ultra Clear Clean Poly Garment Bag is “Made in the U.S.A.”

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