Street’s Line Of Cleaning And Finishing Products For Professional Wetcleaning And Laundry

Street’s Hydrocare™ has gone “PRO” – introducing H2PRO™ professional products for wetcleaning and laundry for times when cleaning in water is the best choice. The Hydrocare products you have come to depend on for excellent cleaning and finishing results in wetcleaning have evolved into our newly branded and expanded H2PRO line. Although our look is new, our Hydrocare cleaning results have been proven over the years. Just like Street’s Hydrocare line, H2PRO detergents are designed to safely and effectively remove soil from fabrics that should be cleaned in water. H2PRO products are designed to work together for optimal cleaning and finishing results in water. When water is the best choice, use H2PRO.

New to the line is H2PRO High Performance Detergent. This concentrated enzymatic detergent is designed for everyday use to handle moderate to heavily soiled items in water. The highly active formulation is effective at removing greasy, oily soils, protein stains and starch-based food stains in varying water conditions and temperatures, while suspending those difficult soils until they can be rinsed away. H2PROHigh Performance Detergent contains a buffering system that helps protect colors from fading and optical brighteners to ensure whites stay white and colors stay bright.

Just like our Hydrocare Detergent, H2PRO Detergent is a concentrated cleaning agent that is strong enough for everyday use, yet gentle enough for use with delicate items processed in water. H2PRO Detergent contains a buffering system that helps stabilize fabrics by lowering the inter-fiber friction during the cleaning process, which reduces felting and shrinkage. This buffering system also aids in minimizing dye bleeding to help preserve colors and retain their intensity. With highly active ingredients, H2PRO Detergent is extremely effective in loosening, surrounding, and suspending soil until it can be rinsed away. This helps ensure that whites stay white and colors stay bright.

Some fabrics processed in water can become less flexible or pliable and somewhat harsh to the touch. H2PRO Fabric Conditioner imparts a soft and supple feel to fabrics and brings them closer to their original look and feel. It offers the same excellent finishing results that Hydrocare conditioner users have come to expect. H2PRO Fabric Conditioner is a surface-active agent that affixes itself to the outside of the fibers. It acts as an anti-static agent and improves the resistance of fabrics to rubbing and abrasion during the drying process, which helps to minimize shrinkage.

All products in the H2PRO line are designed to work together for optimal cleaning and finishing results in water. They can be used in multiple applications including hand washing, top-loading (home-style) machines, front-loading (high-efficiency) machines and professional laundry and wetcleaning machines.

GELATONE® Fabric Finish is a perfect complement to the H2PRO line of wetcleaning products. It helps to restore the crisp, fresh look to fabrics and to make them feel and look like new. GELATONE is a water-soluble fabric finish for professional application to drycleaned, wetcleaned and laundered fabrics. GELATONE is particularly effective in restoring the original look and feel to hard-to-finish fabrics such as cotton, linen, ramie, silk, and rayon.

“Our customers are looking for expanded offerings in wetcleaning as the process continues to take an expanded role in many drycleaning facilities,” says Mike Kelliher, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Street’s. “With the addition of a high performance detergent we are adding another tool for the professional wetcleaning segment, and rounding out our offerings.”

H2PRO wetcleaning products are the result of Street’s ongoing research and development with new cleaning technologies, furthering our goal of Advancing the Technology of Clean.

H2PRO Detergent, High Performance Detergent, and Fabric Conditioner, as well as GELATONE and Street’s other products can be ordered through an authorized Street’s distributor.

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R. R. Street & Co. Inc., founded in 1876, has a long history of innovative technology development. Street’s is well known for designing, developing, and marketing reliable, high quality cleaning processes for the professional cleaning industry. We design only the highest quality textile care processes, so that our customers can consistently deliver the highest quality cleaning to their customers. Street’s is the leader in the manufacture and marketing of drycleaning process additives, stain removal agents and filtration products in North America.

H2PRO™ and GELATONE® are trademarks of R. R. Street & Co., Inc.

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