EzProducts Acquires MBH Enterprises Products

David H Brown, President of EzProducts International Inc (EzPi) and Milton B Heilweil, President of MBH Enterprises of South Pasadena Florida announced the acquisition of MBH Rope Ties by EzProducts from MBH Enterprises.

“We have purchased the exclusive design, manufacturing and marketing rights to all MBH Rope Tie products including MBH Rope Ties, MBH Zip Ties and MBH J-Hooks,” said Brown.  “We will begin manufacturing “Genuine” MBH Rope Ties on or about October 1st and we will have inventory ready for distribution by the first of December.”

“MBH Rope Tie products is a good acquisition for us,” Brown continued.  EzProducts is very well known in the dry cleaning industry for its high quality and reliable EzPress, PopUpPress, AirPress and TrackIt Labels, that help dry cleaners save time and money.  MBH Industries is similarly very well known for their high quality and reliable MBH Rope Ties and MBH Zip Ties that also help dry cleaners save time and money by:

1. Faster washer loading/unloading – eliminates tangled sleeves and time-consuming shakeout.

2. Cleaner shirts through increased mechanical action.

3. Stop scrubbing collars and cuffs.

4. Wash more shirts per load – reduce water, detergent and sewage costs.

5. Reduce sorting time – each order is tied together.

6. Reduce assembly area – shirt orders tied together, stay together to end open orders.

Together, MBH Rope Ties and EzProducts Labels and Presses help thousands of US and international dry cleaners save time and money.  Therefore, this acquisition will help position EzProducts to be better known as the company that provides high quality and reliable products that save dry cleaners both time and money.”

“I am very pleased with the acquisition, Heilweil added.  We have exhibited near EzProducts at many industry trade shows and have observed their customer service and attention to detail that they give to the dry cleaning industry.  Now that I am retired, it gives me great pleasure to turn over a product that I have developed to a company that cares.  I am sure that all of my dry cleaner customers and distributors will be very happy with EzProducts.