MfM’S Production Focus Group Visits English American Tailors

Methods for Management’s Production Focus Group (PFG) was hosted by Glyndon Lord Baltimore Cleaners in Glyndon, Maryland on February 26th – 27th, 2015. Owners Stu Crane, John Garman, Mike Garman and Brad Tingle and Plant Manager Kathleen Razmus welcomed the group, which consisted of owners and their management. The MfM Members toured their plant to see the most advanced technology and to discuss efficiency and productivity within their dry cleaning, laundry and rug operations.

Included in each MfM Focus Group meeting is either a relevant field trip of interest or a guest speaker presentation. The PFG meeting featured a trip to English American Cleaners, a custom tailor, as well as a clothing manufacturer for Tom James. The group observed the tailoring process, which includes “ten inspection stations and fourteen inspectors that review the operations throughout sewing to ensure they meet the proper quality standards. At various intervals the coat is placed on a mannequin and inspected for balance, matching and overall appearance. Garments are measured for size, accuracy and examined again before being sent out to customers” (from They have a similar challenge to drycleaners in that each piece of clothing is treated as a unique task. English American uses specialized customized equipment to include 187 steps to mimic the fit and quality of a handmade garment.

The MfM specialty events include the Production Focus Group and the Sales & Marketing Focus Group, which each meet twice per year and are open to both owners and their appropriate management. The Focus Group meetings include a refined schedule custom-tailored to the focus of the participants, with a full agenda of presentations and assignments designed to help companies improve their profit, guidance for implementing both proven and new ideas and identifying and sharing existing successful programs and opportunities to further develop promising approaches.

The next meeting of the Production Focus Group will be hosted by Dublin Cleaners in Columbus, Ohio on September 24th – 25th, 2015.

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