R.R. Street & Co. Inc – Adco Teams Up With Starchup

A Technology Platform That Positions Cleaners For Success In The Digital Age

R.R. Street & Co. Inc (Street) is excited to announce an exclusive reseller agreement with Starchup, a technology-platform company for the professional cleaning industry. Starchup provides cleaners with an all-in-one digital solution that helps attract new customers and demographics, increase orders, and reduce costs.

“Starchup is focused on helping existing cleaning businesses do what they do best,” says founder Nick Chapleau. “We are not trying to disrupt the industry or compete with dry cleaners like a dozen startups out there. Starchup is in the business of providing cleaners and launderers with a technology suite that helps them to remain competitive in today’s web and mobile dominated marketplace.”

Starchup’s software suite consists of:

• A mobile app and website that is custom-branded for each cleaner with their brand, logo and look. Customers can use their mobile device to pay for services, to schedule and track pickup and delivery and to “refer a friend” or take advantage of targeted offers.

• A web-based route management tool that optimizes delivery with the Starchup priority delivery algorithm integrated with Google APIs. Most significantly for many cleaners, this technology restores control of the route and route customer list back to the owner, instead of the driver.

• A driver app that works with the route management tool to provide drivers with optimized routes and to guide drivers throughout the delivery process. The app allows direct communication between driver, management and customer, to help prevent “no-shows” and to allow for special instructions.

• An integrated digital marketing tool that provides cleaners with the data and the ability to deliver text and email offers, coupons and other targeted marketing directly to customers’ smart phones and e-mail accounts.

“For Street-Adco, the partnership with Starchup is a logical extension of what we already do: helping our customers grow their business with processes and technologies,” commented Jonathan Beard, Street’s Vice President of Corporate Development, “We help the cleaner with process design and chemical technology in the plant behind the counter. Starchup helps those same cleaners grow their business in front of the counter with digital and mobile technology.”

“Eighty-one percent of young consumers say that it is important for a retailer to have a mobile app,” notes Chapleau. “Without an engaging web and mobile presence, cleaners risk missing out on the millennial consumer completely.”

For more information on Street- Adco and Starchup contact Jonathan Beard; e-mail: jbeard@4streets.com; telephone (630) 800-0908.

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