RMFA Road Show – Stain Removal Seminars In Colorado

The week leading up to Halloween was the appropriate time for the Rocky Mountain Fabricare Association (RMFA) to bring the Stain Wizard – aka Jeff Schwarz – to dispense his knowledge of stain removal using both wet and dry side chemicals plus bleaching methods using products from A. L. Wilson Chemical Co.

After a successful career in law enforcement, Jeff started in the drycleaning industry in 1991, with Covers Etc. where he was one of their corporate trainers. In 1999 he joined A.L. Wilson Chemical Co. and has worked for A.L. Wilson for 16 yrs. His territory covers the 14 western states and western Canada. Jeff has served in several local and state drycleaning associations as a board member.

Jeff will visit over 550 plants per year in his work and he has been personally involved in over 100 spotting and bleaching seminars in addition to conducting in-plant training sessions across the country. Jeff is sometimes referred to as the Stain Wizard (or with other endearing terms), but make no mistake, he knows his stuff.

Approximately fifty drycleaning technicians and owners attended the three RMFA/Wilson sponsored seminars which were held in Denver, Colorado Springs and Longmont, Colorado on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights from October 27th – 29th. Some RMFA members drove almost 300 miles to attend the seminars, which were well received. Jeff covered everything from basic stain removal tips to preventing black and white garments from bleeding. The use of oxidizing and reducing bleaches was also covered in great detail, as was the proper use of digesters. All for free!

For additional information on future seminars please contact Jeff Schwarz of A. L. Wilson Co.; email; phone (201) 240-9446 or Jim Nixon: e-mail email or phone the RMFA office at (866)-964-RMFA.

You may also visit their websites at www.rmfa.org and www.alwilson.com