Zengeler Cleaners “20-Year Club” Surpasses 1,000 Years of Service

A record 33 employees combine for 1,018 years at historic cleaner

Each year, Zengeler Cleaners celebrates longevity among its employees by recognizing those with 20 or more years of service. For the first time in the history of the Midwest’s oldest and largest drycleaner, the “20 Year Club” now exceeds 1,000 years of service to Zengeler Cleaners customers. The family-owned business has 33 employees who have been with the company for 20 or more years, combining for 1,018 total years of service – a key to 161 years of success for the company!

Zengeler Cleaners’ 20 Year Club is led by family patriarch Robert Zengeler, Sr., who still comes to work at age 88 to the Park Avenue store in Libertyville several days a week. “When employees observe my father still loving his work in his 73rd year, they also see him as both an inspiration and a role model,” according to Tom Zengeler, 5th generation company President. “His dedication sets a positive tone that resonates throughout the company.”

Here are the members of Zengeler Cleaners’ 20 Year Club, listed in order of their longevity and with their current number of years of service in parentheses. Robert Zengeler, Sr. (73); Joanne Koutsovitis and Michael Zengeler (45); Robert Zengeler, Jr.,and Racheal Wiggins-Kolb (44); Thomas Zengeler and Alyce Kingsley (41); Castula Vergara (40); Joan Nebel (38); Fernanda Estela (35); Nancy Brookman (33); Dennis Ori (32); Hector Alvarado and Dolores Alcantar (31); Jose Gil (29); William Fisher and Icela Chavez (28); Martin Levit and Patricia Miller (25); Claudia Galvez, Rosalba Perez and Enrique Tovar (24); Gloria Hernandez, Beth Amour, Josefina Perez, Guadalupe Cardenas and Michael Maguire (23); Karen Ehrich, Veronica Lorenzano and Patricia Moreno (21); and the newest members, Catalina Ocampo, Manual Sanchez and Jessica Martinez (20).

How does Zengeler Cleaners maintain loyalty while so many other companies struggle with retention? “It starts by treating every employee with respect and as an individual,” continued Zengeler.” We believe loyal, talented and happy employees are keys to our ability to deliver the quality and service our customers have come to expect. We also make sure these core values are reflected in all areas of our company, from how we conduct training to determining fair compensation and by providing competitive benefits in a safe working environment.” The loyalty pipeline will continue to grow, too: Zengeler Cleaners currently has 17 employees with 15+ years of service and another 18 who’ve been with the company for 10 or more years: that’s 61 out of 93 employees!

Pictured (left to right; number of years in parentheses) …

Front row: Icela Chavez (28); Michael Zengeler (45); Catalina Ocampo (20); Patricia Moreno (21); Guadalupe Cardenas (23); Patricia Miller (25); Dolores Alcantar (31); Beth Amour (23); Jessica Martinez (20); Jose Gil (29) and Veronica Lorenzano (23).

Middle row: Hector Alvarado (31); Joan Nebel (38); Joanne Koutsovitis (45); Josefina Perez (23); Robert Zengeler, Sr. (73); Karen Ehrich (21) and Robert Zengeler, Jr. (44).

Back row: William Fisher (28); Alyce Kingsley (41); Castula Vergara (40); Enrique Tovar (24); Gloria Hernandez (23); Rosalba Perez (24); Dennis Ori (32); Fernanda Estela (35); Martin Levit (25); Nancy Brookman (33); Michael Maguire (23) and Thomas Zengeler (41).

Not pictured: Racheal Wiggins-Kolb (44); Claudia Galvez, (24) and Manual Sanchez (20).