31 Days… 31 Achievements

As you flip through this month’s Cleaner & Launderer it is hard to believe that it’s the start of the 4th quarter of 2022. Take that in for a second…the beginning of the 4th quarter! There are numerous things that you have accomplished this year, and you should congratulate yourself for that. Yet, we can always kick it up a notch. The below is, in no certain order, 31 achievements to do…before October is over.

1- Catch somebody doing something right.
It is too easy to notice something negative, keep in mind team members are empowered when they are recognized. Go catch them.
2 – Have a pizza party.
We can’t get out of one of the most fun months without celebrating! Enjoy the pizza.
3 – Measure if you’re on track for your year-end goal.
In the blink of an eye 2023 will be here. Are you on track?
4 – Schedule a ride along.
Delivery routes are critical for growth, get in the van with a driver and enjoy.
5 – Call a customer and thank them for choosing you.
Customers make a choice. Show them you appreciate them.
6 – Take the temperature of your current culture.
How well does your team work together?
7 – Make one person smile.
A smile is the most contagious thing.
8 – Teach a team member something new.
We each learn every day, share the wisdom.
9 – Delegate one of your tasks.
A key to leadership is great delegation. What’s one thing you can take off your plate?
10 – Find out something new you didn’t know about your “right hand man/woman.”
You’re near them every day…what don’t you know?
11 -Recommend a book to a team lead.
Have you ever read Good to Great?
12 – Review and revise one of your job descriptions.
If you have one (hint, hint) is it still accurate? Anything to add?
13 -Hire one new team member.
You. Got. This.
14 -Stand outside one of your front counters and look in.
What do you observe? What is the customer line of sight?
15 – Write a handwritten thank you card to one of your vendors.
We love our customers…and we love the people who help us service them.
16 – Read a chapter in a book.
Did I mention? “Good to Great.”
17 – Identify your top three priorities in your role.
Are you working on those top 3 regularly?
18 – Convert one of your counter customers to the delivery route
It starts with a simple question.
19 – Help somebody complete a task.
A rising tide raises all ships.
20- Rate your route
How is it really doing?
21 – Write out your 2023 goals.
Written down goals are more likely to be achieved.
22 – Practice around a common scenario.
We all need refreshers and practice. Build up the confidence levels.
23 – Pat yourself on the back for a job well done.
You’ve accomplished a lot so far this year, be proud.
24 – Schedule a companywide meeting for next year.
Communication is the thread that holds everything together.
25- Review and share your upcoming holiday schedules.
Expectations and understanding during the busy holiday season results in a well-oiled machine.
26- Measure your current customer retention rate.
Did we mention retention is important?
27- Practice your sales pitch with your team.
Grow your delivery route with a great pitch and the confidence to back it up.
28 – Call the Route Pros.
We’ll help you develop your team to develop your business
29 – Write a handwritten thank you to a customer.
Add the personal touch.
30 – Buy a delivery driver lunch.
31 – Spread positivity everywhere.
Team members will feed off our energy. Spread all the great vibes.

Reading this list was easy. Commit to accomplishing this list, or the one you make for yourself, then reflect at the end of the month on all your accomplishments. Have a productive start to the forth quarter.

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