Six Things to Do After Clean ’22

Congratulations are in order if you attended and made it through The 2022 Clean Show at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia. After the postponements due to our first ever global pandemic, it must have felt good to meet with industry peers and experts, glean from their collective knowledge and experience the latest technology and cutting-edge innovations.

You’ve had time to unpack, relax and play with all your new swag. However, it’s essential to continue making the most of your Clean ’22 experience. Perhaps you have made new friends in our industry and reconnected with old ones. Now it’s time to cultivate these relationships and implement the valuable takeaways you picked up at Clean ’22.

One of my mentors imparted a list of things to do after attending an event, like a seminar, conference, trade show or convention. The key is to keep the excitement, momentum and post-show glow of Clean ’22 going long after you’ve returned home to the hustle and bustle of family and business obligations.

  1. Leverage Social Media
    The Clean Show does not have to end the day you checked out of your hotel room and went home. Keep the conversation going on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media. Conventions sometimes have a dedicated hashtag that attendees are encouraged to use when they tweet or share insights during the event. Often, these conversations continue post-event. Even if you didn’t use a single hashtag or social channel during the conference, searching the hashtag afterward is a great way to identify professionals or other attendees who will continue to provide meaningful content.
  2. Unload Your Brain
    Trade shows like Clean ’22 can be hectic. Even the most seasoned note takers can end up with chicken scratch and scribbled hodge-podge that become indecipherable once time has passed. While things are still fresh, take a few moments to sit down and dump all of your thoughts onto paper. Also, edit any notes you took to make sure they are clear. This simple practice will help preserve anything written in haste for future reference.
  3. Update the “Rolodex”
    Gather all the business cards you collected during Clean ’22 and follow up with those you feel could be valuable contacts. One of the most prominent places to connect is on LinkedIn, where most business professionals have come to expect connection requests after a massive event like Clean ‘22. Don’t forget to write a personalized salutation so they can connect the dots on how and where you met.
    If you bonded with someone in particular, the best practice is not to hesitate to send them a handwritten note via traditional mail. The next best thing is a phone call, text message, or email.
  4. Be A Connector
    If you have made a contact that might benefit another connection, be proactive and make the introduction. As you build your network, always seek ways to help others build their networks. What goes around comes around!
  5. Share the Wealth
    Perhaps financial considerations only let the company send you to Clean ’22 when others on the team could have benefited. Share key lessons with those who couldn’t attend. Prepare a brief report, make a PowerPoint presentation, or set up a team meeting so others on your team or company can catch the fire of your excitement.
  6. Implement One Idea Immediately
    Don’t fall victim to “paralysis by analysis.” Indeed, there was at least one actionable item from Clean ’22 that you could execute immediately. Former United States President Harry Truman said, “Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction.” In other words, don’t wait too long to take action because you don’t want to miss capitalizing on available opportunities.

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