Breakthrough Dissolvable Non-Toxic Poly Now Available In The US

The Green Garmento, female owned, introduces a new line of dissolvable poly film for dry cleaning, laundry, hotels and hospitals.

Known for their patented, innovative reusable dry cleaning and laundry bags, The Green Garmento has helped keep millions of single-use plastic bags from entering the ecosystem. Now ready to answer the call of cross contamination concerns, the company brings to market “disSOLVE This!” a line of completely earth friendly PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) packaging solutions for a myriad of industries.

From clear garment bags to fragrance infused laundry bags to grocery bags and even pet waste bags, the disSOLVE This! brand truly solves today’s problem of reusability versus single-use.

“Ideally, we want all industries to embrace reusable packaging over single-use.” But we have been servicing the garment care industry for thirteen years and some laundry and dry cleaning services still prefer to use clear plastic “poly” bags to protect clothing. Now, instead of jamming recycle machines, or worse landfills or waterways, operators can throw the bag and the laundry into the same machine and the bag simply disappears and all you have left is fresh laundry and no toxins or single-use plastic.

Essential oil fragrance can be added to the soluble laundry bags, elevating the customer’s experience while saving the operator money on fragrance boosters.

Safe for all environments, new innovative PVA resin can be programmed to dissolve in either hot or cold water allowing the film to be completely uncompromised in the rain or snow.

For additional information or th set up a live zoom demonstration please contact jennie@thegreengarmento.

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