Cleaner’s Supply Launches New eco2go™ Brand

A “Green” Lineup Of Eco-Friendly Packaging Products ForThe Dry Cleaning Industry

Cleaner’s Supply, Inc., a leading distributor of products for the dry cleaning industry, announced the launch of a new reusable eco-friendly line of garment-packaging products for dry cleaners. Known as the eco2go™ brand – these products allow dry cleaners to show their customer that they are eco-friendly. This product line includes everything from 100% recycled paper Shoulder Guards, Shirt Carrying Bags, Tie Boards and reusable Garment Bags, just to name a few.

Along with this initiative, Cleaner’s Supply has developed a consumer website at Click here that promotes this green effort. In addition, there is a complete marketing package for dry cleaners to assist them in promoting this program. Available material includes in-store posters, downloadable logos and a complete image library as well as press releases for local media. The company has also established for a limited time a co-op advertising rebate program, offering a 5% rebate on its eco2go™ purchases for its customers. Full details available at

Cleaner’s Supply is among the first suppliers to support the use of responsible packaging products with its “greening your cleaning” campaign. Cleaner’s Supply serves the needs of dry cleaning companies, offering more than 20,000 brand name products through its catalogs and website. They can be reached at (800) 568-7768 or on the web at

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