DLI Graduates Complete Spring 2022 Introduction and Advanced Drycleaning Courses

DLI’s School of Drycleaning Technology trained 16 students in its 379th General Drycleaning Course, composed of the five-day Introduction to Drycleaning Course, March 7th – 11th and ten-day Advanced Drycleaning Course, March 14th – 25th.
Founded in 1927, DLI’s School of Drycleaning Technology has helped shape the careers of thousands of drycleaners worldwide. In these courses, students learned about:
• Sorting loads for drycleaning
• The science of drycleaning
• Fibers and their characteristics
• Fabric construction
• Cleaning silk, stain and other fabrics
• Soil and cleaning theory
• Operating a drycleaning machine
• Stain removal chemistry and procedures
• Removing coffee, ink, grease and other stains from clothing
• Pressing pants, coats, blouses, ties, pleated garments and skirts
• Using tensioning equipment to improve finishing quality
• Using bleaches without damaging fabric color
• Distillation procedures
• Understanding the differences between solvent types

Upcoming 2022 DLI Courses
• Blended Introduction to Drycleaning: June 7th – July 15th
Mix of On-Site & Virtual Education
• On-Site Introduction to Drycleaning: August 8th – 12th
• On-Site Advanced Drycleaning: August 15th – 26th
• Virtual Stain Removal Course: September 13th – October 4th
• On-Site Introduction to Drycleaning: October 17th – 21st
• On-Site Advanced Drycleaning: October 4th – November 4th

Prospective students are invited to learn more and register at www.DLIonline.org/Education or to call Melissa Wagner at (800) 638-2627.

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