Full Steam Ahead: DLI Sets February Schedule

DLI continues to offer members two opportunities each week to discuss any and all industry-related topics. Zoom meetings are held Tuesdays at 10 a.m. and Wednesdays at 3 p.m. eastern. DLI reminds members by email two hours before meetings start and shares a brief review of topics members discussed. In addition to discussions about the new Paycheck Protection Program and how to receive aid, here are some notes from one of DLI’s January meetings, as prepared by Carol Memberg, Publisher of National Clothesline:

• EPA is looking at final risk review for perc exposure for workers and consumers. DLI is following this and will take action as needed.

• It is legal but not necessarily wise to require mandatory vaccinations for employees.

• Steady customers generally don’t notice regular price increases.

• Quality is a distinguishing characteristic and should be promoted.

• Always let the customer know if you have fixed something at no charge.

• If price was everything, we would all be eating $1 dinners at McDonalds.

February 2021 Webinar Schedule

In addition to twice-weekly Zoom meetings, DLI offers two webinars each week to help drycleaning business owners adapt and train employees.

DLI presents the following schedule of webinars and virtual training opportunities, all programs go live at 1 p.m. eastern:

• Tuesday, February 2

Computer System Security Tips with Chris Birk of One Hour Cleaners

• Wednesday, February 3

Grow Your Business with Lockers featuring Dan Stoof with 

Breezy Laundry Lockers

• Tuesday, February 9

Tailoring with Dale Kaplan of Kaplan’s Careful Cleaners

• Wednesday, February 10

Building Your Business in 2021 with James Peuster, The Route Pro

• Tuesday, February 16

Shirt Finishing with Sankosha

• Wednesday, February 17

Five Secrets to Identify, Attract, and Acquire your Ideal Client, 

Dave Coyle with Mavericks Drycleaners

• Tuesday, February 23

Email Workshop with Harry Kimmel, DLI’s Communications Director

• Wednesday, February 24 

Customer Service with Frank Briercheck of Seitz, the Fresher Company

“As I reflect on a very challenging and uncertain year I can’t overlook what the staff of DLI have done to educate and keep the members informed and supported,” said Abdel Zuwawa with Green Hanger Cleaners, a DLI professional member in Newport Beach, California. “I am new to the industry and have attended many DLI Zoom meetings and webinars over the last few months. The wealth of information and support I have received is remarkable and very useful for years to come.”

On Demand Video Library

Each week DLI adds recordings of the presentations to make them available to members who may have missed the live program. Members login to DLIonline.org and click the program to watch. DLI’s archive currently contains more than 60 videos on the following topics:

• COVID-19 Relief Programs

• Diversification

• Maintenance

• Management

• Marketing

• Production

• Finishing

• Stain Removal

• Business Sales and Acquisitions

Strength in Numbers

All professional drycleaning and laundry business owners are invited to join DLI and participate in these programs, access the video library and enjoy the many benefits of DLI Membership. Call (800) 638-2627 or visit DLIonline.org/Membership for more information.

DLI exists to help member drycleaners succeed.

Learn more at www.DLIonline.org

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