Increasing Profits Is a Shoo-In With This Partnership

You have done it all. You put on your thinking cap and have come up with every possible method to add diversity to your dry cleaning business. Alterations, tailoring, household items, leather and cleaning Uggs, but there is likely one important area you have missed…shoe repair.

You are in luck. MyShoeHospital is the world’s largest shoe repair company, a family-owned business now celebrating 100 years in business.  Just as you seek to diversify, MyShoeHospital recently chose to extend their unique services to the cleaning community, and were first-time exhibitors at Clean 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia. Their presence at the show in booth 424 was one of the busiest in the exhibit hall, which demonstrates the interest and demand for shoe repair services. Google reports over 522,000 shoe repair related searches each month. However, there are fewer than 3,000 shoe repair shops still operating in the entire United States.

MyShoeHospitals mail-order division is currently seeking to partner with successful dry cleaning businesses across the nation. There are no start-up fees involved; yet cleaners will benefit by creating an additional revenue stream, plus give them a competitive advantage. Offering shoe repair not only is an added value to current customers, but will also attract new customers.

“The process is very easy for the drycleaner. You simply take in your customers’ shoes, fill out our simple repair ticket, and then send the items to MyShoeHospital for repair using our pre-paid FedEx shipping labels, which we provide for you,” stated Stephen Kelly of MyShoeHospital. Their online division,, along with their 25 brick-and-mortar retail locations, assures fast turnaround (with on-line tracking) and competitive wholesale prices. They also include full marketing support, so all you need to do is collect the profits from your new shoe repair service!

MyShoeHospital offers everything from simple heel replacements to complete inside and out reconstruction to make any pair of shoes like new again. Additional services include boots, handbags, belts and a complete dye-house to restore any leather or suede to its original condition.

The Kelly family brings over four generations of expert craftsmanship and passion to their trade. You can be confident that you are partnering with the best available.

To get started on your new shoe repair service, or for additional information please contact MyShoeHospital via their dedicated site for drycleaners at: website.

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