It’s Time To Check The Cushions For Loose Change

Times are tough right now. Every expense needs to be scrutinized and purchases need be to justified for the long road ahead. With that in mind, it is important that you are taking advantage of any rebates or financial grants that may be available for your dry cleaning business. Below you will find some useful information that may save you some money. 

Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) 

 Dry cleaners that purchase and install energy-efficient natural gas equipment may qualify for rebates from SoCalGas! Eligible equipment includes steam boilers, stack economizers and steam traps. 

The steam trap replacement rebate usually requires the customer to operate their steam boilers for at least 12 hours/day. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, dry cleaners who would usually operate 12 hours a day whose operating hours have decreased due to the pandemic WILL STILL QUALIFY for steam trap rebate. 

• This Economizer is a new offering. It was just added in July. There is also a Zero Percent on Bill Financing for some projects. Information can be obtained at Zero Percent on Bill Financing which is available for some projects! Information is here:

• There are also incentives available for a boiler retube

For more information on any of SoCalGas programs or for assistance in processing your rebate, please contact Alice Beltran at Her phone is (714) 634-7261. Or visit 

Southern California Edison (SCE) 

 They have a free energy consulting service. Go online The Business Energy Advisor will help you track, analyze and monitor your energy usage using Energy Benchmarking and SCE Energy Manager. Help is available for you.

If you are thinking of upgrading equipment to achieve energy savings, consider participating in their Express Solutions as indicated below. Log onto the website and complete the online application tool.

Express Solutions

The steps outlined below provide an overview of the Express Solutions Application process. You can also check the status of your application on the Online Application Tool.

Steps and Description

Step 1) Review our Solutions Directory for eligible solutions, solution codes, descriptions, qualification criteria, and incentive amounts. Fill out the appropriate sections of the Incentives Application through the Online Application Tool.

Step 2) Applications for Express Solutions can be submitted for qualifying equipment that is already installed or for equipment that will be installed as part of a future comprehensive project including Customized Solutions.

Step 3) If your project installation is already complete, and upon approval of your application (i.e. post installation inspection), SCE will issue an incentive check. 

SC Edison also offers financing as well as solar programs. For additional help, call (800) 736-4777. There are also webinars available on their education site.


South Coast Air Quality Management District still has some grants available if you want to make the switch to wet cleaning. 

 • $10,000 grants available for Professional Wet Cleaning Systems (water-based system consisting of washer, dryer, tensioning pants topper and tensioning for finisher) Must be SCAQMD provided equipment

 • Up to $5,000 grants available for “incomplete” professional wet cleaning systems

For more information on these grants, SCAQMD can be reached at (800) 388-2121. However, I suggest before reaching out to them call your equipment dealer first for help!

I hope this information will help you find some extra money under those cushions. Be safe and stay healthy.