Making Money with Mats And Staying Connected

November Brings New Learning Opportunities for Members

The Drycleaning & Laundry Institute brings new learning opportunities for members by offering five weekly member meetings in November, plus a special one-hour webinar program on how drycleaners can add a mat service diversification to their businesses. “If regular drycleaning isn’t coming in, it’s important to look for other revenue generators and DLI has provided a host of options in our webinar series,” said Mary Scalco, DLI’s CEO. “We think this could be a good match for some cleaners and we’re pleased to be able to offer a program that covers the ins and outs of how to get started.”

November 2022 Live Webinar Program
DLI presents the following virtual training schedule for November 2022.
• November 9 – DLI Virtual Education Session

1 p.m. Eastern – Making Money with Floor Mats featuring
Joe Rubblke at M+A Matting

Fostering Community
In addition to providing regular virtual learning opportunities, DLI will continue hosting weekly Peer-to-Peer Member Zoom meetings every Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. Eastern in November to bring members together. “DLI believes in the value of peer-to-peer learning,” Scalco said. “Our weekly meetings are where DLI member cleaners share ideas and find ways to improve their businesses. Participants tell me they find these meetings very valuable, since both large and small operators share their experiences and learn from each other,” she said.

On-Demand Webinar Library
DLI’s online presentations distill difficult topics into easy-to-understand lessons members can use to improve their businesses. All webinars presented by DLI are archived in the Members Only section of, where members can find links to more than 100 recordings of previous programs. DLI began building its On-Demand Webinar Library in March 2020. Programs archived in the library cover the following categories and subtopics:
• Lockers
• Restoration
• Routes
• Shoe Repair
• Wash-Dry-Fold
• Wedding Gowns
• Tailoring

• Boilers
• Drycleaning Machines
• General Maintenance

• Business Strategies
• Customer Service
• Cybersecurity
• Hiring
• Sustainability
• Team Building

• 19 Presentations on Various Topics with Dave Coyle of Maverick Drycleaners
• 15 Additional Marketing Webinars Covering General Topics

• Sweaters
• Velvet
• Winter Coats and Comforters
• Handling Linen Garments

• Pants and Coats Finishing Techniques
• Finishing Techniques for Golf Shirts, Shorts and Neckties

Stain Removal
• Bleaching/Color Loss
• Delicate Fabrics
• Stain Removal Procedures in English and Spanish

Business Sales & Acquisitions
• Business Acquisitions
• Lease Negotiation

Strength in Numbers
“We remain 100% focused on helping members communicate and grow,” Scalco said. Members are invited to register for these free programs. “DLI’s doors are always open. All fabric care cleaning service providers are welcome to join DLI to gain access to these programs, member-ship benefits, services and savings.” Interested parties are invited to learn more at or call 800-638-2627 for more information.

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