Methods Members Recognized at CINET Global Best Practices Awards

It is with great pleasure that we announce that MfM member Oceanside Cleaners became the first North American business to receive the CINET 2020 Global Best Business Practices Award for Retail Dry Cleaners. They earned this honor after going through a rigorous selection process and competing with nominees and finalists from around the world.

The jury evaluated all finalists upon; quality, sustainability, business model and service concept, innovations, and key-notes – offering ten criteria points each. The team at Oceanside Cleaners received an overall score of 39.6 because of their supreme sustainability quality and truly remarkable company culture.

For 30 years, Oceanside Cleaners has been proudly serving the Jacksonville community. As a family-owned and operated business, it recognizes that the quality of its service is a direct reflection of the company itself. Oceanside Cleaners currently has 81 employees, which includes four family members. Their employees are trained on everything from quality control to the company mission statement. Every employee in the company is committed to their “CARE” mission statement: C = Customer Centric, A = Attention to Details, R = Respect the Community, and E = Empower One Another.

Their ongoing commitment to emission reduction, recycling and innovation is showcased in their processes. They are using Miele wet cleaning system washing machines and dryers with a minimized water volume that is 100% eco-friendly according to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) of Florida. For dry cleaning, they employ Columbia dry clean machines designed with an inert nitrogen atmosphere and use hydrocarbon solvents.

Oceanside Cleaners’ commitment to community, customer service, quality, and sustainability, clearly sets a benchmark for others in the textile care industry.

In addition to Oceanside Cleaners winning in Overall Best Practices RTC A (SME), CINET recognized them and three other MFM members as finalists in their respective categories: 

A) Retail Textile Cleaning SME; 

B) Retail Textile Cleaning Big; and 

C) Industrial Textile Services.

The MfM members recognized as finalists are as follows:

Hallak Cleaners, New York, NY #5 – Overall Best Practices, RTC-A(SME) 

Margaret’s Cleaners, San Diego, CA #9 – Overall Best Practice, RTC-B (BIG)

Crouse’s Cleaners, Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada  #13 – Overall Industrial Textile Services (ITS)

Methods for Management is incredibly proud to have such outstanding textile industry members participating in our bureau groups and recognize the hard work and dedication each of them has put into their businesses to achieve such honors.

About the Awards

The CINET Global Best Practices Awards 2020 showcases the latest excellence standards in advanced and modern professional textile care. The event functions as a platform to highlight the best practices and demonstrate the textile care industry’s capabilities and focus on a high standard of quality, new business services, innovation, and sustainability in the COVID19 pandemic.

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