Million Dollar Collar Ends Sloppy Collars

Frustration with an unruly collar on his wedding day led Rob and Linda Kessler to team up with Steve Farina to invent and patent a slim, plastic device that inserts in shirt collar plackets to make them stand up neatly and which the duo has now made available to the public as Million Dollar Collar. The fashion invention corrects the fundamental design flaw of every dress shirt: the placket’s (area with buttons and holes) lack of built-in reinforcement.

Gives An Ordinary Shirt A Million Dollar Look

Million Dollar Collar takes the concept of a collar stay and puts it into the placket, providing much needed support, enhancing the shirt with a sharper and more polished appearance. The placket stays are easy to install in any shirt and once installed, are washer/dryer, iron, launder and dry-clean safe and are guaranteed to last the life of the shirt.

“Nothing has ever been done to address the glaring problem of sloppy collars,” said Kessler. “In 120 years, there have only been two significant, widely accepted enhancements to dress shirts: collar stays in 1953, and non-iron. Million Dollar Collar will be the third.”

“Million Dollar Collar can completely transform your shirt wardrobe from tired to sharp,” said Farina. “Once you start upgrading your shirts with it and start seeing sloppy collars, you’ll cringe. It’s so easy to make the upgrade. You’ll wonder why nobody ever thought of this before.”

Easy To Order And Have Installed

Million Dollar Collar is available online in the Starter Pack of five for $14, Best Seller Pack of 10 for $25, the Best Value Pack of 20 for $46 and  the Pro Pack of 50 for $100. Any dry cleaner or tailor can install them with the enclosed three-step instructions.

About Million Dollar Collar

Million Dollar Collar was founded in 2013 by Rob Kessler, Linda Kessler and Steve Farina.

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