“Million Dollar Collar”

Placket Insert Offers Dry Cleaners A New Revenue Stream…and Solves an Age-Old Problem

If you’re on the lookout for a new upgrade to offer your customers—specifically those who are particular about their dress shirts—consider adding Million Dollar Collar. This patented placket insert, which most tailors can install in under five minutes, ends the sloppy, floppy look of open collars.

“Image conscious customers who care enough about their shirts to get them dry cleaned—they’re the ones who jump on it,” says inventor Rob Kessler. “Men who like going without a tie but hate looking sloppy are thrilled to find a lasting solution.”

The flexible placket stays – which withstand dry cleaning and last the life of the shirt – wholesale from $1.40-$2.00 per set, depending on quantity. Based on the suggested price of $10 per installation, each sold unit will generate at least a hefty 500% ROI. More than 160,000 sets have already been sold to date, many through tailors and dry cleaners.

Take In the Bag Cleaners in Wichita, Kansas, which installs dozens per day at $9 each.

“Million Dollar Collar solves an age old problem,” says business owner Dave Coyle. “It makes the collar sit upright and gives a very defined look.”

“I have 20 shirts in my own rotation and I’ve added it to all of them—that’s how much I love this product.”

Million Dollar Collar’s sales team works closely with new dry cleaning partners to help them quickly reach 100 installations per month, generating about $1,000 a month in additional revenues.

If you’d like to give it a try, Kessler suggests starting with a minimum five-pack order, sold for $9.95 by the company’s distribution partner, CleanerSupply.com. First-time orders include a free advertising starter pack, which includes an effective POS poster and window sticker.

In addition, dry cleaners who become registered installers are added to Million Dollar Collar’s online map, which helps drive more business their way. Additional promotional tools, including custom hangtags, mannequins and Facebook ads, are also available for purchase.

“Our dry cleaning partners can complete six installations in 15 minutes. That translates to billing at $240 per hour,” says Kessler.