New Model For bizzie Brand: “bizzieboxes” Now Central Focus And Standalone Option

Since its introduction to the drycleaning industry early last year, bizzie has continued to evolve, based on feedback from the marketplace as well as customers. Now the innovative drycleaning concept is introducing a new model, based solely on locker-based delivery for drycleaning and laundry.

“After talking to literally dozens and dozens of established drycleaners, it was apparent that there is substantial demand for adding lockers as a supplement to existing business lines,” said Greg Longe, bizzie President. “Every single prospect we talked to saw the value and opportunity in the concept. Many of those were already well-established in their route business and didn’t want to introduce a new brand name in their marketplace. Because we feel so strongly about capitalizing on this new way to expand the drycleaning business, we have decided to simplify and streamline our franchise offering so more drycleaners can add a new revenue stream, to reach a vast new customer base who has been hard to tap. As a result, our concept has evolved to the point where we now are offering the option of adding lockers, our bizzieboxes, as a standalone option, as well as adding route service, where desired, as part of the 1-800-DryClean brand.”

Under the new bizzie franchise model, drycleaners will be able to simply add the ‘bizziebox’ locker-based delivery system at the most cost-effective option available, as well as a home/office pick-up and delivery service as part of the 1-800-DryClean brand. The result is a lower cost of entry and greater flexibility.

“What we learned was that the 1-800-DryClean brand had substantial value and name recognition across America,” Longe added. “Our goal is to build the drycleaning industry from the inside out, and offering efficient options just made the most sense.

“We are moving forward with promotion of the ‘bizziebox’ along with an established and proven concept for routes, which gives progressive drycleaners the ability to add one or both components to their business,” said Longe. “And we have created the option of providing financing for those business owners who need the assistance.”

According to Longe, “From our perspective, the bizziebox system actually enhances existing brand equity in the community, as well as creating up-selling opportunities by introducing local drycleaning brands to new customers—both residential and corporate—in need of cleaning services.
The growth of bizzie has been steady over the past months, with several franchises already launched. “Following this summer’s Clean Show, many markets were sold to some of the biggest stars in the industry, including Huntington Cleaners in Southeastern Michigan, American Cleaners in Oklahoma City, Young’s Dry Cleaning in New Orleans, and Champion Cleaners in Birmingham, Alabama, with more getting ready to open in Minneapolis, Phoenix, Chicago, Portland, Long Island and Cincinnati. We also have a dozen new markets slated to open in the first quarter of 2014,” Longe said. “By thinking ‘inside the box,’ we’re focused on unlocking the door to a profitable new business opportunity.”

What bizzie Franchisees Are Saying

Dale Velez, Owner
Young’s Dry Cleaning, New Orleans
Office: (504) 212-4444

“As third generation owners of our family business, my brother and I are always looking to be on the cutting edge of our industry. That’s why we didn’t hesitate to join the Certified Restoration Drycleaning Network team 10 years ago. It’s rare to have a chance to catch lightning in a bottle like the CRDN concept, but we’re pretty sure we’ve done it again with bizzie. Once again, it’s the software and technology that sets us apart from the competition, and with the exclusive territory, it’s the business of the future. Faster, better and more convenient is what the customer wants and bizzie literally delivers it 24/7.”

Rick Murphy, Owner
American Cleaners, Oklahoma City
Office: (405) 627-5936

“As a business owner, it’s my responsibility to ensure that my business changes in ways that fit how people live their lives. Convenience has become the key factor people use in deciding who they do business with. bizzie meets this criteria. Just as the video rental business has changed from bricks and mortar to kiosks to in-home/on-demand, bizzie represents the ultimate in convenience through the locker-based pick-up and delivery system. bizzie allows me to access an entirely new base of customers who have an ongoing need for dry cleaning and laundry services yet find that conventional store locations and normal business hours do not work for them. bizzie’s patented technology tied to the lockers makes using them simple, easy and quick. We believe that bizzie could conceivably make traditional dry cleaning stores obsolete. In less than six months, we have signed up more than 1,000 customers. We currently have a waiting list for locker installations. The support from the bizzie team is spectacular. If people truly take the time to understand this opportunity, it’s not a question of if bizzie territories will be sold, it’s a question of when.”

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