Start The New Year Off With A Smile

I am not a big fan of making New Year’s Resolutions. It seems whenever I do, by the end of January the resolutions are just distant thoughts. Of course, if you have success at these resolutions, please keep doing them. I don’t want to rain on your parade!

I want to propose something different. So often, you will see people walking around with a scowl on their face. Immediately, you think that that person must be unhappy. My suggestion for the New Year is to put a smile on your face and keep it there. No matter what is going on!

That smile will generate good will from others and aid you to developing an optimistic outlook on life. Optimism is good for your physical and mental health. Karen Wolff, author of Get Out Of The Land Of Negativity states, “It is a never-ending cycle. Our outlook improves and we are hopeful and then something small happens to send us to the negative side again. The good news is there are some things we can do to help transition from the land of negativity to a much more positive place.”

 Below you will find some tips on how to help you become a positive thinker. It will take some work but then it will become a habit.

Spend Time With Positive People: Get rid of those “Debbie Downers” in your life. If you surround yourself with constant complainers, their negativity is likely to rub off on you. Spend time with positive friends and family members. It’s hard to be negative when everyone around you is so positive. Talk to people who will help you put things into perspective and won’t feed your negative thinking.

Take Responsibility For Your Behavior: When you encounter problems, acknowledge your role in the situation and take responsibility for your behavior. Don’t consider yourself STUCK. There is always a way out. You can make that choice for the better.

Help Someone: By helping someone, you are taking the focus away from yourself and concentrating on someone else. It can be something small or something on a bigger scale in the community. An example is Ray Rangwala, Esteem Cleaners in Pasadena, California. He travels to an orphanage in Baja California four times a year. Each trip he brings food and supplies and spends the weekend with the children there. When you hear him describe the trips, there is a glow about him. He has had many trying times, but you would never know it. He rises above that negativity.

Read Positive And Inspirational Material: You don’t have to read the Bible but if that works for you, DO IT. I like the idea of reading positive quotes. There are many websites that offer positive quotes. There are some many books that offer so many positive, inspirational stories. Take that moment to step out of yourself and use these materials to better yourself.

Offer Compliments To Others: Always look for reasons to compliment others. In your business and personal life, you can put a smile on other faces just by a few words. This also helps you see the good in other people. I can still remember compliments I received years ago that were so special to me.

Recognize And Replace Negative Thoughts: You need to learn to replace overly negative thoughts. Take always and never out of your vocabulary. These are not truthful words! Substitute the word sometimes instead. We all make mistakes so acknowledge it. You need to make your thoughts realistic. Create a list of the ways negative thinking impacts your life. It will influence your behavior, relationships and feelings. Then create a list of ways positive thinking can be beneficial to you.

Create A Daily Gratitude List: What are you thankful for? Make this list every morning. It does not have to be long but by creating this list, it will help your focus on your gratitude for the good things in your life. This is to help you appreciate what you already have.

Take Care Of Yourself: If you are getting the right amount of sleep, the proper diet and exercise, you will be better equipped to think positively. This is a critical part – managing your physical and mental health.

Lastly, Smile and Sing. Get in front of the mirror and force yourself to smile! Look at yourself. It really does change your mood. And bring that smile with you all day. And singing. So what if you can’t sing. When we sing, we show our feelings, and this provides an amazing stress relief. If you can’t sing, it’s ok. No one can hear you if you put the shower on!!

So…start smiling and singing in the New Year. I read somewhere that it takes more muscles in your face to scowl that to smile.

Wishing you and yours a year full of happiness and health. Happy New Year!