The Stain Wizard’s First letter for August 2023 about a red sharpie

Dear Stain Wizard,

Here is a story for you…a boyfriend and girlfriend break up.
Ex-girlfriend starts seeing ex-boyfriends, best friend.
Ex-boyfriend returns ex-girlfriends dress with enclosed message written in red sharpie magic marker. (The ex-girlfriends last name is…Moore).
Any advice on removing this?
Reliable Cleaners,
Orange, Texas

Dear Keith,
At first glance, reading your story, I thought you had me confused with Dear Abby…but after seeing the photo, I recognized you came to the right place.

This should be straight forward and simple. It helps that we are working with a white garment. (so we don’t have to worry about color fade).

First…Test the red sharpie ink with dry side P.O.G. If the red starts to move that’s what we will use to remove the ink.

IF it doesn’t move, use your ink remover and laundry P.O.G. together.
Wrap in plastic to prevent the chemical from drying out.

Wait 2 – 3 days, then clean.

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