UniMac Hardmount Washer-Extractors Deliver Top Performance

Machines offer reliable and durable construction.

UniMac®, a leading provider of on-premise laundry equipment, announced the UW45 and UW65 hardmount washer-extractors, engineered to be the longest-lasting, most durable products on the market.

The UW45 and UW65 take industrial quality to the next level. The machines include top of the line innovative features that help improve throughput while offering the lowest cost of ownership. They are designed to handle double the spinning force of commercial washer-extractors, as well as the largest and most out of balance loads, resulting in less downtime and a longer machine life.

“These new machines allow on-premises laundries to clean more loads per day, which will help lower operating expenses by reducing employee overtime, dry times and utility costs,” said Bill Brooks, North American Sales Manager, UniMac, the leading provider of on-premise laundry equipment. “Our customers are the focus of all new product development, which is why we’ve built new machines to help contribute to their successes.”
The new capacities of the machines allow laundry operators to increase their load size, which helps improve employee and work efficiencies.

UniMac’s UW45 and UW65 have a modern industrial appearance, a sleek design that differentiates the machines from others on the market. The new drive shaft assembly has cylindrical front and spherical rear bearings designed to handle heavier loads and have a longer life than traditional ball bearings. The larger shaft diameter is built to be 200 percent stronger than cabinet hardmount shafts, allowing the machine to work harder for longer periods of time.
A taller frame with a 28-inch cart clearance and elevated drain height provides improved ergonomics for end users. The new dimensions also help reduce owners’ overall costs by eliminating the need for an elevated base and offers ease of use for employees.

The machines feature a 400 G-Force extraction speed—the fastest G-Force currently available on the market—resulting in maximum water removal. The extraction speed helps keep laundries running at optimal efficiency by reducing drying times and contributing up to hundreds of dollars in savings per year. And with a proprietary designed inverter drive, the machines are able to offer smooth, reliable power for optimal wash and extraction performance.
Additional features include:
• A spray rinse that fills 200 percent quicker than other machines in the industry, allowing users to do more in less time;
• The new door has been standardized to open from the right and is paired with a proven roll pin/cam lock system to ensure smooth opening and closing while eliminating the door unlock control button;
• Ease of installation due to the 34.24” width of the machine, which allows it to easily fit through a 36” commercial doorway.

The UniLinc™ control is also available on this machine. The industry-leading control system has features such as maintenance reminders and monitoring of error codes and idle time, helping to ensure the laundry is processed as efficiently as possible. The programmable delayed start feature allows laundry to be given a 30-minute head start before employees arrive, saving managers labor costs.

“We’re committed to offering equipment producing the lowest cost of ownership on the market today,” Brooks said. “By incorporating the new technologies to increase efficiency in both our washer-extractors and tumblers, laundry managers will see significant savings that greatly impact the bottom line. We’re serious about laundry and our customers’ successes.”

UniMac’s exclusive focus on on-premise laundry has allowed the brand to create an unparalleled product development process designed to produce the most durable and reliable commercial equipment on the market. The new washer-extractors were developed using UniMac’s Five-Stage Product Development Process. This rigorous process includes finite element analysis, component testing, life and load testing, field testing, and world-class manufacturing and quality control. These stages subject every design and component to extreme testing virtually, in a state-of-the-art test lab environment, and real-life field applications.

All UniMac washer-extractors come with a five-year warranty on major parts and a limited three-year warranty on all other parts.

As a leading manufacturer of commercial laundry equipment, UniMac has been recognized worldwide for advancements in technology and innovative products. The company’s products are consistently recognized for their durability, easy-to-use features, efficient performance and lowest cost of ownership.

For additional product information call (800) 587-5458 or visit UniMac.com.

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