WashClub Brings On-Demand Laundry And Dry Cleaning Services To Oklahoma

WashClub, the total solution for consumer dry cleaning and laundry in the digital age, brings high-quality services to Oklahoma City’s businesses and consumers

WashClub,  a leading on-demand laundry and dry cleaning service, announced it has officially opened its newest branch to reach busy consumers and laundry intensive businesses in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Owned and operated by Tom Wyche and his daughter, Sara, WashClub Oklahoma City aims to provide the best quality laundry and dry cleaning services to the local community.

The services are available via the mobile app or on the company’s Oklahoma City website, washclubokc.com. A WashClub professional will pick up, deliver and return freshly cleaned and neatly folded laundry and dry cleaning within 24 to 48 hours. WashClub and its local operators are committed to hiring local employees, exclusively for full-time W2 positions, in Oklahoma City and all of its markets, which will simultaneously ensure quality service and benefit the local community’s economy.

Since its launch in Brooklyn, NY, WashClub has grown to become the leading on-demand laundry and dry cleaning service in the US standing by its motive of controlling the value chain from start to finish, offering high quality services to customers and businesses in 14 states. The company is planning on opening in even more markets in the upcoming weeks, as well as expand internationally in the near future.

“WashClub provides convenience and quality to thousands of individuals and businesses alike including our most recent launch, Oklahoma City.” said Rick Rome, Founder and President of WashClub. “It’s because of WashClub that laundry and dry cleaning professionals have the ability to stay out in front within their communities as consumer trends continue to shift towards more convenience and service.”

Rick Rome added “WashClub’s key differentiator is that it is not just a technology company, we are leaders in the next generation within our industry. Built for operators by an operator – this unique custom software was developed, assembled and operates with specific industry knowledge and insight. Our business model was created to mutually benefit all involved, as our growing licensing business demonstrates. We have seen explosive growth of almost 300% increase demand for Washclub licenses from the laundry and dry cleaning operator community. As consumer demand increases, WashClub remains a total solution for all dry cleaners and laundry operators in the digital age.”

“When my daughter and I heard about WashClub, we knew we wanted to bring the concept to Oklahoma City” said Tom Wyche, Operator and Owner of WashClub Oklahoma City. “The company gives us the opportunity to help the local community with quality laundry and dry cleaning services, while allowing us to work together in an efficient yet family-like atmosphere.”

The WashClub team is made up of experienced professionals who have a history of providing personalized care for all types of garments. Whether it is clothing for your family, a uniform for work or employees, or towels and sheets for gyms, hotels and schools, WashClub is the perfect solution. WashClub licenses its exclusive software to brick and mortar laundry and dry cleaning operators across the United States. By licensing WashClub’s software, WashClubTrak, these entrepreneurs are able to offer laundry and dry cleaning services to its customers via WashClub or their own branded concept.

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