Maineline Computer Systems Announces New Ownership Structure

Maineline Computer Systems, supplier of the nationally known, comprehensive dry cleaning point-of-sale software Compassmax, announced that longtime owner and CEO Joe McCammon has partnered with experienced Compassmax consultant Art Bai in the ownership and management of the company. Owners Paul and Nancy Goldstein, who with Joe McCammon founded Maineline Computer Systems in 1985, have stepped down to pursue personal interests. Kevin Rowell, a Maineline employee with 15 years of experience in the dry cleaning industry and over 30 years of experience designing software solutions for businesses, has taken on the key role of Director of Development and Innovation.

“We’re very thankful for all the years Paul and Nancy put into the company. Maineline and Compassmax wouldn’t exist without their dedication and hard work,” said McCammon. “Art’s expertise and leadership will be a great asset to Maineline. He and I look forward to implementing many improvements and exciting new features to the software. There are great things ahead.”

For more than 25 years, Maineline has been a leader and innovator in the field of dry cleaning point-of-sale software, providing clients with a full-featured product designed to improve efficiency in every aspect of the dry cleaning business from sale to delivery, and offering outstanding support. In this new chapter of a long and successful history, Joe and Art will bring Maineline and Compassmax to an even higher standard of quality and service.

“Being relevant is all about adapting to changes in technology and the industry, and continually earning customer loyalty and trust. We look forward to the challenge and hope for your candid feedback along the way,” stated Bai.

Some changes, such as a new and more efficient support call management system, are already in place. Clients can expect to see many significant software improvements in the coming months, and some exciting new features are in the pipeline, specifically in the areas of marketing and mobility. Maineline is also in the process of partnering with a variety of companies that have proven track records in providing superior software and media solutions. Stay tuned for news and updates.