America’s Best Cleaners Accelerates into the New Year with Changes in Leadership

Christopher White, Executive Director of America’s Best Cleaners, finalized the planned partnership purchase from former Director of Operations and Partner, Catherine McCann. America’s Best Cleaners would like to thank Catherine for her hard work, dedication and contributions to the program as a partner for the past eight years, and looks forward to continuing the relationship with Catherine as part of the ABC consulting network and as an affiliate.

Partner and Executive Director, Christopher White, says he plans to continue the same level of commitment to the diverse network of affliates and is excited to offer new services and programs for the ABC community, along with continued access to the large suite of consulting tools and expert guidance.

This acquisition follows the momentous celebration of America’s Best Cleaners’ 20th Anniversary, which brought together the top leaders in the industry for an exceptional Leadership Forum this past October. In true ABC fashion, affliates and industry leaders came together in person to share ideas and inspire excellence to create another invaluable event. As business leaders continue to bounce back from the past year’s hardships, America’s Best Cleaners hopes to carry on the momentum of the past year and accelerate its network forward into a bright and prosperous future.

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