Bruce Grossman On DIY Maintenance

“Low Hanging Fruit”

Bruce Grossman has been in business for over 50 years. Best known for his “EZ Timers” as well as repairing boilers and equipment.

The boiler room is the least favorite place in the plant, but Bruce spoke about several easy procedures that will save the dry cleaner money and still get the job done. He proceeded to display a step-by-step tour through the boiler room:

1. Never do maintenance on a “hot” boiler.

2. Have good illumination to look for leaks.

3. Valve replacement must be ready for 125 degree steam pressure.

4. When replacing failed nipples, replace blow down valve.

5. Water treatment is imperative to your boiler, otherwise you will have scale.

6. Mending a boiler is possible by heavy compound and frequent blow outs.

Leaking steam traps can be very costly.  You must keep inside of boiler clean so water treatment is very important.

Testing traps: When trap is blown through the temperature is lower. As steam pressure increases, temperature increases. Listen for steam escaping with a stethoscope, ultra sonic device or even a screw driver. Higher tech devices require more knowledge of procedure.

Laser guns can be used to measure water temperature, but does not compensate for steam traps. This is not an accurate device.

The seminar was very informative and many questions about boiler maintenance were answered at the end of the seminar.

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