SDA Cleaners Showcase Keynote Speaker Glenn Shepard

Glenn Shepard was the keynote speaker at the Cleaners Showcase, which took place April 22nd – 24th.

He presented how to have good employees and went into detail how to achieve this:

Glenn went over the Ten Rules of Work as a guideline to the ultimate success of having good employees:

1. Raises are earned, not given.

2. Leave your home life at home.

3. Finish what you started.

4. If you’d wear it to the state fair, don’t wear it to work.

5. No matter what your job title is, you get paid to serve the customer.

6. Do not read your text messages while a customer is talking to you.

7. If you can’t be on time, be early.

8. If you wouldn’t say it to people’s faces, don’t say it behind their backs.

9. When you cause a problem, you’re the one responsible for finding the solution.

10. Perfection is not expected of you, but excellence is.

There are five words that will save you as a boss when there is a problem!

– “That is an inappropriate question.”

– “That is an inappropriate gesture.”

Behavior that gets rewarded gets repeated. There are two types of employees: Aggressive employee and Passive employee.

Glenn spoke of the four generations in our society:

1925 – 1944: “Silent Generation.” They have respect for society and are loyal.

1945 – 1963: “Baby Boomer.” They added the word “workaholic” to the dictionary. They have a great deal of discipline.

1964 – 1984: “Generation X.” They are rebellious. They are the “Latch Key Kids” due to high percentage of divorce. They grew up independently so they work independently.

1984 – Present: Millinnials. They are the “herd” type generation. They are known as “helicopter” parents that hover over their children’s lives. Their calendar is based on their children; they go to job interviews with their kids, apartment hunting with their kids, totally involved in their children’s lives.

Glenn directs you on how to become a take-charge leader that other managers envy and admire, the kind whose team is happy, loyal and as productive as possible.

Glenn ended the seminar give the audience the opportunity to purchase his CD’s to learn more about improving the quality of your work place.

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