FTC Retains Care Labeling

Thanks to an incredibly high number of comments from garment care professionals, the Federal Trade Commission voted to keep its Care Label Rule. The commissioners also plan to revise the rule as needed. Yesterday, following a formal hearing, the FTC released a statement reading:

“On July 23, 2020, the Federal Trade Commission published a proposal to repeal the Care Labeling Rule, which gives families information on how to properly care for apparel and other goods. There was little support for the repeal of the rule. The Commission will continue to consider ways to improve the Care Labeling Rule, but has determined it will not finalize the repeal as proposed.”

Many industry leaders and consumer watchdog group leaders, testified in favor of keeping the Care Label Rule. Industry agreed that the rule needs to be updated and pledged to work with the FTC to update it.

This rule, in effect since 1971, is critical to our industry and we are pleased with this result. We extend sincere gratitude to everyone who commented against repealing the rule. The commissioners said the comments received were vastly (about 99%) positive in favor keeping the rule.

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