SCCA Joins With SoCalGas For Successful Seminar

At their most recent meeting, the SoCal Cleaners Association once again closed yet another very successful year with many members and guests in attendance. Michael Leeming of Parker Boiler arranged the evening in conjunction with Roger Williams, Industrial Instructor/Customer Service Training for the SoCalGas Company. The facility for the event was the Gas Company’s Multi-Purpose Center in Pico Rivera, California.

Once all were gathered, the first part of the meeting began with a presentation by Greg Kammarmeyer of Guy L. Warden & Sons. They have been providing equipment and solutions for steam and process systems since 1923 out of Cerritos, California. Warden, Kammarmeyer is V.P. of Technical Sales, designed and fabricated a very elaborate set of all possible valves and traps for testing and instructional purposes over the years. (see photos). This has since been donated to the Gas Company and now is part of the training facility in Pico Rivera. An extremely thorough demonstration followed, with many well informed questions being asked and answered during and after. Another photo shows a manifold with dozens of many different combination of traps, again, for testing and educational purposes. Quite an opportunity to once again increase ones knowledge offered by SCCA.

As if that was not enough info for one meeting, the group moved to another area of the facility to learn just how involved in testing and education SoCalGas is with all types of commercial and industrial equipment and usage. Boilers, water heaters, steam equipment, pool equipment, space heaters, across the board.

To close the program, all were treated with dinner from one of the San Gabriel finest pizza restaurants, which led into the evenings final segments. A very through presentation into boiler maintenance and proper water treatment was presented by Parker Boilers Michael Leeming.

Next was a very informative session from the Gas Company of the many lucrative rebates available. From steam traps to insulation to boilers, these are just a few of the rebates available to help with your bottom line, not to mention improving your green footprint. Visit So Cal Gas for more information.