WashClub Delivers On-Demand Laundry, Dry Cleaning Services To Miami

Locally owned and operated company brings high-quality and convenient laundry and dry cleaning services to busy professionals and laundry intensive businesses

WashClub, the leading on-demand laundry, dry cleaning and tailoring service, announced it has officially opened its newest branch in Miami, Florida. The decision to launch WashClub in Miami was based on the company’s proprietary research, which identified a high percentage of laundry intensive businesses and overloaded professionals in the community who would benefit greatly from the services.

WashClub provides a unique solution for Miami’s busy consumers struggling with effective time management, and the city’s vibrant business community that needs fast and reliable laundry services. WashClub Miami is owned and operated by Dave Carlson, a long-time Miami resident.

Whether using the mobile app or booking via the company’s Miami website, WashclubMiami.com, Miami’s consumers and businesses can request a pick-up in any location anywhere within the city limits. A WashClub professional will pick-up, deliver and return freshly cleaned and neatly folded laundry and dry cleaning within 24 to 48 hours. WashClub is also committed to hiring local employees exclusively for full-time positions in Miami and all of its markets. This commitment from WashClub will simultaneously ensure quality service and benefit the local community’s economy.

“Anyone who lives in Miami or visits knows it’s a fast paced community with lots of people and businesses on-the-go.” said Rick Rome, Founder and President of WashClub. “WashClub is committed to helping the local community’s development by hiring only local residents and providing great quality service to businesses and individuals in the area – including the large Spanish speaking population.”

“WashClub is such a great business concept that I couldn’t wait to bring it to my hometown,” said Dave Carlson, Operator and Owner of WashClub Miami. “I’m delighted to support my community by bringing job opportunities to local residents as well as the convenience of high-quality on-demand laundry and dry cleaning services.”

WashClub makes the laundry process convenient and easy by removing this time-consuming chore from people’s busy day-to-day lives. The WashClub team is made up of experienced professionals who have a history of providing personalized care for all type of garments whether it is clothing for your family, a uniform for work or employees and towels and sheets for gyms, hotels and schools. WashClub currently licenses its exclusive software to brick and mortar laundry and dry cleaning operators across the United States. By licensing WashClub’s software, WashClubTrak, these entrepreneurs are able to offer laundry and dry cleaning services to its customers via WashClub or their own branded concept.

WashClub is now available in 14 states and four New York City boroughs, relying solely on W-2 employees to service its 25,000+ customers across the country. The company’s future plans include expanding internationally as well as strengthening its domestic stronghold. WashClubTrak is currently available at www.washclubtrak.com/ and on mobile devices through Google Play and the App Store.

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