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Last month we briefly explored why your website should be mobile optimized. If you missed it or need a review, you’re invited to go back to the March 2015 edition and find page six. I know of at least five people who really enjoyed reading it (I’m trying to stay humble). With the intent of disturbing you out of your comfort zone, here are several reasons why a mobile optimized website can help you grow your dry cleaning business.

• According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), 2015 is the year that more consumers in the United States of America will access the internet on mobile devices than computers.1

• Research from the very smart people at Google says that 61% of mobile searches result in a phone call and inbound phone calls are 10-15 times more likely to convert to a new customer than forms filled out from inbound web leads. In other words, searches performed on mobile phones create more customer conversions for your business than simple web clicks.2

• Four out of ten mobile users switched from one company’s website to a competitor’s website after having to contend with a poorly designed website for their mobile device. Consumers have come to expect mobile optimized websites from the businesses they patronize. If your website doesn’t deliver the content they are looking for when they attempt to access it on their smartphone while out and about, they are likely going to start looking to your competitors for the information, products or services they need.3

• Sixty-six percent of mobile users say that a mobile-friendly site makes them more likely to buy a company’s product or service. If you can engage with your potential new customers on a higher level by having a mobile optimized website, it turns into repeat visits to your dry cleaning establishment. As a result, the casual visitor becomes a loyal customer.4

• A little more than half of local mobile searches turn into telephone calls. Once again, the smart people at Google say that 40% of mobile searches are local in nature, and that 52% of those searches become actual telephone calls. The number of mobile searches taking place in the United States on a daily basis is fast approaching 1 billion (yes, that’s billion with a “B”). It doesn’t take a genius to understand the enormous opportunity to gain new customers by having a mobile optimized website.5

• If you don’t have a website that is optimized for mobile, you are losing potential new customers. Research performed by Google (yes, those smart folks again) states that mobile-optimized websites make 67% of customers MORE LIKELY to purchase a company’s product or use their service. Conversely, not having a mobile optimized website can result in you LOSING up to 61% of your customers to a competitor.6

• A mobile optimized website increases customer engagement up to 85%. Research has shown that a mobile optimized web site is able to generate almost twice the average traffic per user than websites without mobile optimization.7

Ever increasing numbers of Americans are going online to find dry cleaning establishments.

There is a company called SinglePlatform that makes it a breeze to showcase and update your dry cleaning business’s vital information everywhere local consumers are making decisions online. SinglePlatform’s goal is to get maximum exposure for your business and engage consumers. They’re also really good at saving you time and effort as you manage your business’s online presence.

SinglePlatform partners with all the top search engines, review websites, social networks and mobile apps to publish your services, products, and online listings. You can feel confident that your information will appear on all the websites and apps where consumers are searching for local businesses like yours. You also have the ability to engage with your customers on social networks like Facebook and Twitter by sharing updates, specials and photographs. Maybe you’re running an April Fools’ Day special (10% discount for anyone with an IQ of 79 or lower) or an Easter promotion (if customers get their best Sunday dress cleaned then the bunny costume is cleaned at half price) and you want everyone searching for dry cleaners on the internet to know about it. You need SinglePlatform.

What good is all of this if you can’t track the success of your marketing endeavors? SinglePlatform gives you the tools you need in order to measure your success with easy to understand reports that show you where customers are finding you and engaging with your dry cleaning or laundry business online. You can see where your listings appear and how much time people have spent viewing your products and services across the web.

SinglePlatform’ has goodies that help your business get discovered on the web and engage with your customers online. Yours truly has procured a special promotional offer from SinglePlatform that is intended exclusively for the readers of Cleaner & Launderer. If you sign up with SinglePlatform during the month of April, they will give you a generous discount. Thanks to Katie Schoener (Marketing Manager at SinglePlatform), the happy folks at SinglePlatform have made it possible for you to get a discount.

If you think that’s fantastic, I’m not done yet. On top of everything else, SinglePlatform will perform a FREE analysis of your mobile website. If it’s not optimized for mobile they will give you the option to transform your website into one that is mobile optimized. This extra feature is available at no extra charge. Getting your website optimized for mobile is part of the package.

You can take advantage of this special and exclusive limited time offer one of two ways: or call (877) 564-8728 and use the special offer code 79Cleaner.

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