Customer Appreciation Without Spending Alot 

It seems that’s when November comes around is when we really focus on customer appreciation and showing thanks. Sometimes, it can get overwhelming because we tend to also see dollar signs when it comes to showing our appreciation. I’m sharing with you 50 different ways you can show thanks for little to no dollars (under $5 to be exact). 

1. Send a personalized thank you email. 

2. Write a heartfelt thank you note.

3. Create a customized digital thank you card. 

(They’re so fun!)

4. Share a coupon or discount on their next purchase.

5. Send a virtual high-five or thumbs-up emoji. 

(So simple, right?)

6. Offer a sincere compliment on their feedback 

or review.

7. Share a short video message expressing gratitude. 

(Yes, times 10000)

8. Give a small promotional item with their purchase.

9. Send a thank you text message.

10. Share a digital gift card. 

11. Offer a personalized shout-out on social media. 

(Very impactful)

12. Create a social media post highlighting their positive experience.

13. Provide a referral bonus for bringing in new customers.

14. Give customer early access to upcoming promotions or sales. (Can you say VIP status)

15. Share a digital badge or certificate of appreciation. 

16. Send a personalized thank you GIF. 

(This is pretty unique)

17. Share a discount code for their friends and family.

18. Create a gratitude video message and share it 

on social media.

19. Provide access to exclusive customer service webinars or tutorials. (Taking tips to another level)

20. Share a playlist of team favorite songs. 

(Remember, thank the team!)

21. Provide access to a customer loyalty program.

22. Share a customer success story on your 

blog or website.

23. Offer a customized digital calendar with your brand.

24. Create a gratitude photo collage featuring 

their experiences.

25. Provide access to a VIP customer group on 

social media.

26. Provide a special discount code for their birthday.

27. Share a customer spotlight in your email newsletter.

28. Provide a digital thank you crossword puzzle. 

(Or another game of choice)

29. Host a customer appreciation day with 

exclusive deals.

30. Create a digital customer appreciation banner on 

your website.

31. Have a special thank you discount code 

for their anniversary.

32. Provide a customer success story spotlight 

on social media.

33. Offer access to a live Q&A session with your team.

34. Share videos related to your products or services. 

(Pro Tip Tuesday)

35. Share a thank you gift card for their next purchase.

36. Share a publication of industry related topics.

37. Create a customer appreciation section on 

your website.

38. Share a playlist of customer spotlight interviews.

39. Provide access to a customer only Facebook group.

40. Share a compilation of behind-the-scenes videos.

41. Share a video of success stories in your industry.

42. Give a special thank you note from your team.

43. Share a playlist of your team’s favorite 

customer moments.

44. Create a digital thank you video message 

with your team.

45. Share a video of frequently asked questions.

46. Provide access to a customer appreciation 

resource hub.

47. Share a playlist of success stories from your 

product or service users.

48. Create a customer spotlight feature in 

your email campaigns.

49. Provide a digital thank you sticker for their 

online interactions.

50. Share a video of customer appreciation messages 

from your team.

Keep in mind, showing genuine appreciation should be done all year round, on a regular basis. I’ll even write myself reminders (who can remember everything?!) to make sure appreciation is being spread often. This said, I would like to say “Thank You” to the entire team at Cleaner & Launderer magazine for giving me the opportunity to contribute to this wonderful publication. Enjoy the upcoming holiday everyone and happy creativeness with your holiday appreciations. 

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